This page is an index to the sewing broadcasts made by Peggy Sagers for her Silhouette Patterns

YEAR 2017

Title: Summer Waterfall Cape
Patterns referenced: none needed directions for creating a ruana variation

Title:2750 Amy Skirt
Patterns referenced: 4000, 195, 575, 112,600,310, 1850,2750,2009, 915, 197, 145, 514,

Title:Let’s Sew EZ Sew Top
Description:If you want to start sewing this is one of the simplest ways to get started as well as giving you more versatility than any other garment. The 5 Way Top Pattern #112
Patterns referenced: 112

Title: Sewing Tutorial: Sewater Set Alternatives
Description:Converting the sheel to a kimono sleeve
Patterns referenced: 195

Title:Lets Sew: Going Nautical
Description:This episode finds a great navy and white fabric to bring together a nautical top for spring that’s perfect.
Patterns referenced: 239

Description: None Given at YouTube
Patterns referenced: 117, 196,211, 3400, 615, 917, 312,4000, 3316, 3100,2750, 6012 3200

Title: lets Sew: Cut up T
Description:This episode shows the making of a great new top for spring that let’s you exercise your creativity and showcase your talents.
Patterns referenced: #117

YEAR 2016

Title: Let’s Sew: the Best Tee Episode #1
Description:This is our new format showing the thought process when picking out fabrics and getting inspiration for great sewing ideas so you can clean out your fabric stash! Please let us know what you think of this new style.
Patterns referenced: 314

Title:FTS 504 The Modern Pant
Description:This episode discusses the modern pant with a guest visiting the set from Haggar Clothing Company to discuss the Modern Pant.
Patterns referenced: none

Title:Fitting Yourself By Yourself DVD Extract
Description:Please enjoy this excerpt from the DVD Fitting Yourself By Yourself.
Patterns referenced: various RTW blouses
Good demo  Measuring and draping a Blouse

Title: Spring Cleaning

Title: Pant Lining how to
Patterns referenced:

Title: April POM #3200 Sally’s Pant
Description:*Peggy tried to lecture but there were too many off-topic questions all through the broadcast* In this webcast we will cover fitting of pants and answer all questions regarding pant fitting. Other pattern options will also be included — ,
Patterns referenced: 214, 215, 3200, 709, 500, 3000,

Title: Pants Fitting and Draping (DVD Exerpt)
Description: *Exerpt specific to those who need additional back crotch length*. Unlike any other pants fitting techniques this video is created for women who want to wear great-fitting pants. It teaches you, among other things, how the pant pattern is made from the skirt block. Peggy demonstrates the easy way to correct all of the fitting problems patterns seem to create. During the 54 minute video, Peggy uses the same instruction as she does in her “Pants Fitting and Drafting” seminars, a part of the “Pro Look” seminar series.
Patterns referenced: None

Title:#709 Kelseys Blouse
Patterns referenced:709 , 1600

Title: 2016 Spring Tanks
Date: 20160314
Description:Even the beginner can complete this project perfectly. The tank top is everywhere for spring. Watch and save hundreds of dollars.
Patterns referenced: #500, 514

Title:2016 Spring Fashions
Patterns referenced: 500, 65, 619, 1600, 350, 519, 875 4014

Title:FTS 415 What to wear outdoors
Date: 20160229

Title: Classic Blouse Sew Along

Title: Factory Tips and Tech
Patterns referenced:
DVD exerpt; sewing collar with stand demo

Title:#600 Classic Blouse
Patterns referenced: 600,65

YEAR 2015

Title:FTS503 The Riding Jacket Then and Now
Patterns referenced:
discussion of Riding Jacket and construction

Title:#1500 Notched Lapel Jacket
Patterns referenced: 1500, 195, 600, 1954, 65

Title:FTS410 Clutches
Date: 20151123
Makes 3 clutches

Title: Holiday Dressing
Date: 20151116
Patterns referenced: 105, 575,195,5019,400,312,650,115,75,105

Title: Making Beautiful Sheers
Patterns referenced: 425
DVD exerpt

Title: Fabric Pattern Combinations
Patterns referenced: 400,600,900,1750

Peggy explains her process to match fabric to pattern.

Title: Barbara’s Trench Oct POM
Patterns referenced: 1925

Title: leather is for Everyone DVD exerpt
Hints for working with leather

Title:Fall forecast 2015
Patterns referenced: 195, 600, 1900,1950,2009 3200,3400, 4200 300, 4013, 415, 3015

Title:#2009 Vera Skirt
Patterns referenced: 185, 2009

Title:FTS 313 Trench Coat
Details of a trench coat
(0624) Fit
(0808) Armhole use larges/jacket armhole

Title:FTS404 So Fancy
Date: 20150907
Patterns referenced:
Strapless working from Sheath Dress Pattern
(0621) pinning bra to the muslin
(1755) Border Print
*1833) Invisible zipper installation demo

Title: FTS401 What Do I wear
Patterns referenced: none
(0520) Fittinga jacket
(0720) Measuring existing Jacket
(1620) gaping in the armhole
wrong shoulder angle
cup size
(22240 Piping
(2430) Jacket lining
Sewing Sleeve Hem Demo

Title: FTS106 Looking as Good As Your Feel
Date: 20150803
Patterns referenced: none
Focal Point
Shawl Collar Sewing Demo

Title:#900 Carols Jacket
Patterns referenced: 900,914

Title:Jeans Sew & Chat
Patterns referenced: #3500, 3300
2 hours of Peggy talking as she sews jeans

Title: Just Jeans DVD Excerpt
Description: Exerpts from DVD

Title: July POTM
Patterns referenced: 113,415,3413(leggins) Yoga Pant DVD

Title: Yoga Pants DVD exerpt
Patterns referenced: 3300

Title:Culottes & More
Patterns referenced: 195, 115, 2010, 4000, 3009, 900,3100

TitleTitle: FTS 403 Look Your Best
Description: Good Demo of draping a dress: Summer 2015 Ideas
Date: 20150615
Patterns referenced: 514, 4000, 2010, 3100, 145, 310, 212, 195, 2913, 215, 211

Title: June POTM
Patterns referenced: 500,514

Title: What’s Up My Sleeve (DVD Exerpt)
Description: none
Patterns referenced: none
Title:Success From the Start
Date: 20150824
Description: Free broadcast based on DVD with the same name
Patterns referenced: 115, 200, 3400, 3009

Title: Success From the Start (DVD Exerpt)
Description: NONE
Patterns referenced: 600

Title:Achieving Great Fit Through Muslins (DVD Exerpt)
Description:Please enjoy this excerpt of our muslin DVD which covers fit and draping from your existing clothes. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this clip in the comments below.
Patterns referenced: 600

Title:Factory Tips and Techniques DVD extract
Description: exerpts from DVD

Title: Sheers for Spring
Patterns referenced: 1855, 400, 3100

Title: Tissue Issues Made Easy (DVD Exerpt)
Date: 20150511
Description:This is an excerpt from our Tissue Issues DVD which includes how-to change the tissue on almost every figure variation known to the home seamstress. This DVD show over 20 problems, fixes the problem and then shows easy changes to you tissue to fix the figure problem.
Patterns referenced: None

Title:May POM Variations
Patterns referenced: 519, 875, circle wrap vest

Title: Incorporating Invisible Zippers
Description: Stitching the perfect invisible zipper
Patterns referenced:

Title: FTS309 Fashion Collar Options
Patterns referenced:

Title: Professional Edge Stitching Tutorial
Description: Title says it all
Patterns referenced:

Title: April POM Variations
Patterns referenced: Yoga Skirt

Title: Shawl Collar Tutorial
Date: 20150330
Description: title says it all

Title:Easy Great Spring Looks
Patterns referenced: 1350, 3400, 195, 312, 650, 600,615, Betsy’s Jacket

Title:Fold Over Elastic Tips

Title: From the Start: Using Silhouette Patterns
Description:We will show how to use Silhouette Patterns. How to make a “muslin” and all questions concerning starting to finishing your favorite garment. Also will cover the new POM for March, #112 Kacy’s 5-way Top.
Patterns referenced:112, 1950, 315, 195, 2850, 113

Title:FTS304 PatternRules

Title:Men’s Sleeve Plackette Tutorial
Description:title says it all
Patterns referenced: none

Title:Tie Interfacing Quick Reference Video
How Peggy uses tie interfacing

Title: Spring Looks
Date: 20150209
Patterns referenced: 600, 1350, 315, 3300, 3400, 1855

Title: Seasonal Tips and New Patterns
Patterns referenced: a315, 1855, 1455, 4015
#315 BCBG top surplice attached at sleeve
1855 Swing Coat

Title: Wardrobe Base
Description:Get all of our ideas on mixing, matching, and having the perfect wardrobe for every occasion. We begin with Q&A from our live audience. Learn more at
Patterns referenced: 185, 195, 500, 509, 600, 83

Date: 20150116
Description: Why Peggy Sews
Patterns referenced: None all made from measurements

Woven VS Knit
Cape, Rhuana, Scarves, Necklace
Neck Applique, Belts
Doggie Sweater

Title:FTS300 General Promo
Date: 20150116
Description: general promo of Fit to Stitch Series
Patterns referenced: none; none

Title:Jacket Sew Along
Description: Review of Jackets sewn not actual sew along)
See our January Pattern of the Month made up in a variety of ways and learn how to alter #1825 to all of the styles shown.
Patterns referenced: 1825, 195

Title:Playing Potatoes with Patterns
Description: Exerpt from DVD of same name
Patterns referenced: 115, 312

YEAR 2014

Title:Jeans Fit to Make You Slim
Description:episode of Fit 2 Stitch featuring Jeans.
Patterns referenced: NONE

Title: Why Everyone Should Understand the French Dart
Date: 20141215
Description:Peggy discusses the incredibly useful and very important concept of the french darts. This is one of the most important darts in all of sewing.
Patterns referenced: NONE

Title:Correcting Persistent Sewing Myths
Description: Silhouette Patterns shares some of the most common misunderstandings found among home sewers we encounter.

Patterns referenced: NONE

Title:How to Sew a Fly Zipper
Description: quick tutorial on how to sew a fly front.
Patterns referenced: NONE

Title: Happy Tanksgiving from Silhouette
Description:Thank you, thank you and thank you for subscribing to our channel and supporting us. We wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a Happy Thanksgiving! We truly appreciate all your support
Patterns referenced: none

Title:Holiday Dressing Ideas
Description:great holiday and dressing ideas. Current pattern drafting ideas are included to challenge each viewer. Simple ideas are also included so that no matter your skill level, great ideas will be shared for you to implement in your sewing wardrobe
Patterns referenced: 1900, 312 (converting to wrap), 115, 112, 83, 95, 195, 214

Title:EZ Fall Jackets
Description:Join us this week as we show all kinds of ways to make our Pattern of the Month #1850 Quilted Jacket. We also answer questions from the audience and talk all about great fit!
Patterns referenced: 1850, 211,

Title: More Welt Pocket Tips
Description: Single Welt Demo
Patterns referenced: None

Title:NY Fabric Buying Trip
Description: Her trip in 2013
Patterns referenced: None

Title: Great EZFall Accessories
Description:Everyone looks better with great accessories but they can kill our pocketbook! Watch for six great easy-to-sew fall accessories that should be in everyone’s closet. We also answer questions from the audience. Learn more at
Patterns referenced: 200,125

Title: FTS 206 The Perfect Tank
Description: none
Patterns referenced:

Title: FTS0201 The Comtemporary Pant
Description:Season 2 Episode 1 of Fit 2 Stitch with Peggy Sagers. This episode focuses on all aspects of how to make great fitting pants.
Patterns referenced: none

Title:Modern Welt Pocket Tutorial
Description:Detailed tutorial sewing Double Welt Pocket
Patterns referenced: none

Peggy claims you can do this in 90 seconds

Title: Fall 2014 Blouses
Date: 20141006
Description:different versions of pattern #200, Kate’s Blouse plus also offers ideas on other great fall looks that are easy to sew. Learn more at
Patterns referenced: 200, 914, 195

Title: New Fabrics On-Line
Description:Fabrics for sale
Patterns referenced: none

Title:5 Piece Pocketed Yoga Pant & FAll 2014
Description:we discuss fashions this Fall 2014. Yoga Pants, Jackets, Tops, Fabrics, all come together to create a unique style that fits you!
Patterns referenced: 312, 3414, 3011, 3400,214, 195, 314, 1954, 1950

Title: Yoga Skirt and 2014 Fall Fashions
Description:oin us this webcast as we share some wonderful ideas, all about yoga skirts and pants! We answer questions during the first 15 minutes and at the end we introduce our four new patters for Fall 201
Patterns referenced: 215,1850,1954,2010, 3011,3400,3413, 3414,

Title: Handicap Dressing
Description:This webcast is a collection of our best ideas for ease of dress! Slip in and out of your outfits without sacrificing style. We begin by answering questions and hear great ideas from the audience.
Patterns referenced: 83,115, 195, 450,1850, 1950, 1550, 3100, 4509

Title:FTS105 French Curve
Description:Join host Peggy Sagers as she outlines the correct positions, use, and possibilities of the french curve as it applies to our garments and patterns. This is the fifth of 13 episodes in the 100 series of “Fit 2 Stitch”, now being shown on public television stations all over the US. Contact
Patterns referenced: none

Title: The Wrap Dress
Description:This webcast completely covers the classic wrap dress, from fitting to changing the neckline, adding flair, and adding gathers. This webcast will help you conquer your perfect wrap dress. We begin by answering questions from the audience.
Patterns referenced: ?4019? 4200, 600, 4013

Title:Summer Dresses
Description:In this webcast, we show all types of dresses, such as the tank dress, the wrap dress, the shirt dress, the swing dress and the halter dress. Also shown are variations of adding straps to a dress and linings.
Patterns referenced: 115, 4200, 4014, 195, 4013, 4000, 3100, 4509

Title: FTS 103: The Sleeve, Up, Down and All Around
Description:!!!Excellent demo on sleeve drafting !!!Join host Peggy Sagers as she clearly explains the relationship of the arm and the sleeve to one another. This is the third of 13 episodes in the 100 series of “Fit 2 Stitch”, now being shown on public television stations all over the US. Contact your local public television stations for local times.
Patterns referenced: None

Title: Pattern rules Every Sewer Should Know
Description:Join us to learn pattern rules that every sewer should know. Learn about darts, sleeves, skirts, pants, grain lines, pockets, and so much more!
Patterns referenced: 350, Good sleeve info; Based on Basic Pattern Making DVD

Title: Summer Capris
Date: 20140602
Description:Kick off the summer with Silhouette Patterns by making your very own pair of stylish capris. Learn all about length, depth, and circumference to get great fitting clothes, and more!
Patterns referenced: 412,400, 450, 3009

Title: Working With Specialty Fabrics
Description:This webcast is on ideas and garments to make using border prints and specialty fabrics such as panel prints.
Patterns referenced: 1950, 150, 210, 575, 125, 313,2050,211,4103 500

Title: Laces Here There Everywhere
Description:This week is all about Lace! Watch us explore some great ideas which utilize the beauty of lace. We answer questions from the audience and have a generally good time!
Patterns referenced: 219 312 210 1850 1650 195

Title:Jump Suits and Spring ideas
Description:Watch how to make the most popular spring item on the runway – jumpsuits! Hard to buy, easy to make. Also shown are some current spring concepts.
Patterns referenced: 3400, 3200, 3100

Title:Spring Blouses
Description:Spring Blouses. this webcasts uses pattern #350 Stephanie’s Blouse and give you several different options for both fabric and pattern changes. All for spring.
Patterns referenced: 611,165,1750,475,219, 3300, 350, 115

Title: Everyday Jackets
Date: 20140324
Description:Everyday Jackets that you will find helpful. Simple and easy ways to take the basic and add pleats, trims and collar changes to get different looks (This is the broadcast in which Peggy explains why and that she will not help with non-Silhouette Patterns.)
Patterns referenced: 3200 , 3400, 1819, 211, 113, 350

Title:Unlined jackets
Description:Everyday Jackets that you will find helpful. Simple and easy ways to take the basic and add pleats, trims and collar changes to get different looks.
Patterns referenced: 1750, 4140,1700, 3200,1819

Title:Bodice and Why Darts Are a Woman’s Best Friend
Date: 20140224
Description:Join host Peggy Sagers as she clearly explains turning flat fabric into 3 dimensional clothing that anyone can understand. This is the first of 13 episodes in the 100 series of “Fit 2 Stitch”, now being shown on public television stations all over the US. Contact your local public television
Patterns referenced: None

Title:Spring 2014 Looks
Description:In this webcast we show color blocking, reversible T-shirts, and Spring 2014 colors. Also, we start sewing on an unlined jacket to be continued next webcast.
Patterns referenced: 1750, 1950, 1300, 211, 195, 4014

Title: Jacket Sew Along Part 2
Description:Final construction of jacket including setting in sleeves, adding facing and lining; and finishing using 1950 Max’s jacket.
Patterns referenced: 1950, 221

Title: Jacket Sew Along Part 1
Description: Beginning of jacket. First make a muslin trial, next drape the
fit; make changes to your pattern; answer questions regarding jacket.
Patterns referenced: 150, 195, 1950