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A Rhombus Wrap

I’ve become an avid Pinner; often visiting Pinterest for a few hours (or more) nearly every day.  A wrap shape kept showing up on my Pinterest feed that I thought was interesting. It was called various things from cocoon, to shawl, bolero, everything  except what I thought it must be.  I googled for ‘geometric figure with 4 sides, 2 even’. Google told me this was a Rhombus. Even showed me a picture exactly like the schematic.  So I am calling this by its geometric shape name: a Rhombus Wrap.

As I mentioned several both worn and schematic versions passed across my feed. I needed a mental break and thought this  essentially cut and fold shape would be just the ticket. So I searched though my pins until I found this schematic:

This one sparked because it includes dimensions!  They are in CM. I used the old sewists trick of converting cm to inches of dividing the given figure by 2.5.  Hey, the result is close enough for quilters, so it’s fine for an unfitted garment.

I penciled in my results along the sides of the figure and started thinking it was not big enough. It seem to have neither enough length nor width for my curvy body. But, I remembered thinking the same thing about Collettes One-Piece Wrap(Silhouette Patterns 083) and in the end, I needed to shorten SP083.  Totally uncertain, I decided on a throw-away muslin and pulled out my aisle-runner pattern paper.  I mapped out and cut the Rhombus Wrap from the aisle-runner. Pinning  together at the side, I slipped it on and pranced about in front of the full-length mirror. OK, I turned, twisted and craned my neck; may have even tweaked my back in the process. The aisle-runner wanted to bunch up around my waist. So I couldn’t tell if it needed a lot more or just a little more fabric in all directions. I planned to make this from a soft tissue knit which is wonderfully drapable and stretchy.  If the tissue knit almost doubled in size, my Rhombus Wrap would be too big.  So what to do?


Instead of the planned fabric, I switched to a sweater knit. One that is so light weight it should not qualify as a sweater but the industry prevails….   This is one of those fabrics that had I seen at the store instead of at, I would not have purchased. I do fine with creams, oranges and brown but the russets do nothing for me. In fact they tend to muddy my complexion.  I avoid the russets but will accept them in small amounts. Unfortunately I did see how much russet dominated the print. I could have sent it back. Fabricmartfabrics guarantees satisfaction. But it was not terribly expensive and I knew there would come a day when I need a sacrificial fabric. Today was the day.

It was not wide enough to place the stripes vertically. I really wanted them vertical and so I altered the pattern to make front and back bands in a contrasting color. Cut them and decided, heck may as well make side bands even if they weren’t part of the inspiration.  My contrasting fabric, a nice, rich, dark-chocolate brown was not wide enough or long enough to cut the front band. (Front band should be one piece  starting at one waist-front , going up, over and behind the neck; back down to the other waist front).  Being this was a muslin, probably trash, I pieced the band. Gave me needed length, in the right color without ruining another fabric.

I serged this together at my dedicated, rolled-hem serger. I just changed the tension a few numbers so it wouldn’t roll.  Using a wooly nylon equivalent, all the edges were enclosed and serging took less time then cutting. Note the wrap is not entirely finished. Those loose pieces at the front are the side bands needing to be finished–a situation I wouldn’t have had I not cut separate bands

Definitely an easy garment to construct. If the fabric is wide enough (60 useable inches), it requires about 1.5 yards.  How do you judge fit? It is comfortable and any drag lines are to be expected. They are the result of the amount of fabric and the fabrics nature. I prefer the drape to springing away from the body the way say a poplin would perform. So If you like this width and length. Fit is perfect.  I do NOT.

This is an unflattering proportion for me. I may finish the ends and donate it but this is the first and last wearing.  I will probably make it again but I will add enough inches for it hang at the level of my jackets or even SP083.  Right now, I am undecided about width. Width really comes into play around the hip and again the length of the sleeve. So I need to discover a width that exceeds neither. I think, a little more play is in order.