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SP083 Collette’s One-Piece Wrap

At Silhouette’s last sell, I picked up  96, 75 and this on 83 Collette’s One-Piece Wrap

I recognize from the broadcasts that this is a shrug with a twist; spin; something different.  I thought it would be quick and easy. But you know, I can turn a molehill into a mountain without any effort at all.

The first place I stumbled was sizing. I’m expecting small medium large and maybe and XL (in women’s. I didn’t pay attention to the children’s.) To my surprise it is sized by waist

Full bust and Waist?  This thing doesn’t appear to go around your bust or  waist at all.  In fact the finished shrug will not close, the center fronts will not touch nor overlap even though one of the variations shown in the instructions shows both overlapped and belted. I tried.  So I’m looking at size wondering what I’m supposed to choose.  I decide upon XL because I buy XL or 1X in RTW. But I didn’t feel comfortable about my choice at all.

Next is fabric

If you can’t see that is says “Wool, cotton, sweater work….” OK this is such a simple shape. Fit is more a question of how much do I want it to drag in back or extend down the arms. I’ve got so many soft drapey fabrics I’d love to use in this shrug.  I thought to check and see if there were any PR reviews and what their thoughts might have been. Only 2 and one of them says she went up 2 sizes when using a wove fabric. I mean, I look at the list and think wovens is the first recommendation and here’s somebody saying “if you do it will be small.” So I limit my fabrics to sweater knits and pull out a lovely cream, tan variegated sweater knit which I happened to buy a few weeks ago when I was thinking of adding more Ruana’s to the closet.   My fabric is a polyester knit which surprises me to no end.  I should be used to the fact that poly is such a mimic.  It soft, comfy like a fine wool but washable. Yeah!

Then I befuddled myself over the pieces. Totally my fault. Couldn’t figure out why I had 3 body pieces and 1 trim.  Eventually by looking carefully at the labels and some pics on the internet I realized I was looking at 1-the children’s pattern (fold up and put away maybe forever) 2) adult long length 3) adult short length and the trim.

I chose to use the adult long. Then stumbled upon the fact my chosen fabric didn’t have 2.5 yards.  She’s not kidding. You must have that length for the women’s larger sizes. I’m not entirely convinced at this point that even the smaller sizes could be made on less that 2.5 yards. I recheck my fabric. I’ve got some cuts with 2.5 yards that would work very well but they are woven. I did not want to use a woven fabric until I was positive about the garment fit. I finally decide upon adding a center back seam which means I have 1 more seam

and my fabric is cut cross grain instead of with grain.

Oh forgot to mention the ‘ends’ problem.  Directions say to sew the ends together. Well I looked everywhere for the ends. Dummy me, I’m expecting something that says ends, or side seams. Nope. I’ve got a neck edge. A bottom. A CB on Fold. A ‘approximate fold’ line. No ends. No side seams.  There is a double notch on the side that has no other labels. I figure it’s got to be the ‘end’. After sewing my added CB seam, I sew these edges together and holy cow it turns out I’m right!  That was the ends.  Like I said, I can make a mountain of a mole hill.

This may not be the most flattering garment -shrugs seldom are- but it is the speediest.  It can be serged entirely, even if you add a back seam like I did.  I did a triple-zig zag stitch to hold the serged seams in place around the band and on the serged and turned-up armscye.  I think Peggy has really embraced the raw edge.  She suggest ‘you can’ finish the armscye after the garment is all put together by turning up once and stitch.  I serged the edge once I figured out it would be the armscye/hole way back there before stitching together the two back tabs — the place where she shows adding zippers.  I made a note on my pattern of 2 other times I could finish that edge and even add ribbing (right after cutting and again before stitching the lower and upper back i.e. zipper place).

I wore it immediately because heck you can but also I wanted to see why that PR reviewer thought it too small in a woven.  Even in the sweater knit, the armscyes bind. Really restricts movement and I too will be using 2 sizes larger for woven fabrics.

I didn’t want a bolero type garment and  chose the long deliberately but seeing this droop

I think I would try to short next time.

Also I’m disappointed that it won’t close center front.  I’ll have to think on that and see if there is a solution. One possibility is the trim. It is 4″ when folded in half.  Perhaps leaving it flat and serging just one edge to the body of the shrug would give me more coverage?  Might make it even wider than the 8″. 2nd possibility is choosing a larger size. There were a few more on the tissue. Problem with that choice is that I already dislike how the back puddles at the hem. A larger size would also mean a longer size.  Something to think about.

But I don’t want you to think I dislike this pattern or want to saying anything negative about Peggy.  I realize most the issues are my very own.   This is wonderfully quick and as I said can be totally a serger garment.  While not especially flattering, it isn’t ugly either. The nature of the shrug is a cuddly, undulating wrap of fabric. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you and I definitely will be making it again for myself.