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Where does time go?

It’s not that I don’t have time to sew or time to post.  It’s just that I keep running out of time to do both.  Life, even after retirement, demands much time and attention.  My mother told me that after I retired, time would slow down.  So far, retirement has not proved her time theory to be correct.  For starters, I’ve found that I really do need more sleep than most of my life allowed.  Getting the sleep that I really need, is so very good for me.  Oh can I write that again, the right amount of sleep time is so very good to me. But even allowing 9-10 hours for sleep, which I personally need, there is still 14-15 hours of active, awake time, to be  utilized; and it just seems to be sucked up and gone without my knowing.

So update on the One Hour Vest:

Currently hanging on Mimie, on me it looks so much better than this.  I have completed the front and back tucks (and my beloved, required pockets).  But I can’t decide upon a front closure.  I want a front closure. I want to be sure that the fronts will “hang together” on me rather than swing apart; and will look good on my well padded frame no matter how I move.  Also want the vest to look very nice with all the garments included in this capsule.  I will take pictures as the capsule comes toether.  Even at this point, completed pants and vest, it is a good looking outfit.

I have progressed on the first blouse, Marfy 2294 or is that 2254 (definitely need to verify the pattern number) to be completed with the blue print in this pic:

Oh my gosh what a eye straining activity that was. There are 6 patterns on Side B (the side with the DESIRED blouse) and 3 of the 6 patterns are in red ink.  Oh and all 3 patterns in the red ink have multiple sizes with their own dashed, dotted red lines..  My gosh, again, my gosh. I made one critical error.  I marked the center front as the fold line for the attached button band.  Did not discover this error before tracing, cutting out and trying to fit the next larger size.

OK confession time here.  By the chart I thought I was a Marfy size 46 (ugh hate to admit how goddess sized I have become).  Size 46 fits across the shoulders but is terribly tight everywhere else.  However the size 50 (next size available for this pattern) was obviously too large.  All the comments at SG indicated that the size 50 was overly large and the size 46 should be my starting place.  Now a question. I know Marfy makes a size 48.  I found the size too small (46) and the size too large (50), so the size just right (48) is where???? Do they just skip the 48 for some good reason?  Am I obsessing about the size that fits because I found the size too small and the size too large??? I don’t know, BUT I have continued to work with the size too small.

In addition to correctly locating the front buttonband fold, I also frogged all the darts.  Oh did I mention that I started by adding 1″ to the side seams of the front, back and sleeves.  I thought that would be plenty of fitting room. No so, my firends, not so.  So far I’ve also added 2 pie shaped wedges 1/2″ wide at the hem on the back.  It’s still not enough The blouse still doesn’t fit.  I’ve asked for help from my friends at  SG Topic

I know I’m making progress. But truly my thought right now is this is the first and LAST Marfy pattern that I will try to fit. OK buying a pattern will not involve tracing and mistakes in tracing I had with the free pattern.  But I will still have the fitting issues.  I know that when I use one of the Big 4 patterns or a Kwik Sew patterns, (excepting pants), I make 2 fitting changes.  2 and only 2 fitting changes and the patterns will fit and look like the illustration.  My normal fitting changes are removing 1″ from the back-waist length and making a 1″ narrow shoulder adjustment.  After that, I can zoom through sewing and fitting.  I would rather not spend hours altering a pattern to achieve the same fit I can get with the 2 quick aforementioned changes.  This evening, I don’t see any Marfy patterns in my future.