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Sham’s Table Cloth Skirt

I don’t make that many skirts, but on the web there recently appeared two very interesting, easy patterns.  I already shared my version of Rhonda’s All Points Skirt (yesterday’s post), now I want to share my experience with Sham’s Table Cloth Skirt.


My version:


is sewn from a 100% cotton fabric that is light in weight but feels like that 1950’s bark cloth that was so popular for draperies during that time. I don’t know how this fabric made it into my collection.  I’m not sure if it’s one of my mother’s fabrics or fabric my sister jettisoned when she decided she wasn’t sewing anymore, It could have come in that barn box. Whatever, it was in the stash and had one of my tags stating 42″ wide 3 yards long. So I cut a 42″ square. Then I cut 4″ for the waistband. Then I started cutting the long rectangles. Whoops, just enough fabric for 1 rectangle.  I either did the math wrong or my fabric tag was wrong. There wasn’t enough fabric to cut 4 rectangles 42X21″. Having made these large cuts I wanted to continue. So each of my rectangles is 42″ long but only 10″ wide. I used a rolled edge for the hem and called it good.


After all, I’m not sure I’ll wear this skirt more than once. I quit wearing skirts and dresses when my working days filled up with IT duties.  I never knew which day I needed to crawl around on floors or climb ladders to stick my head in ceilings.  Skirts/dresses became impractical for most working days and my wardrobe.

I’m slowly adding a few skirts. I feel most comfortable wearing them during the summer and fall.  Here I wanted to see if the skirt would word with Red as well as Blue.  The blue top shown first gives me a monochromatic look  which adds visual height.  I wanted to know if I could wear a complimentary or contrasting color without breaking up my body too much. Unfortunately I didn’t get enough of my legs and feet to have a good feel of my proportions.  I hate tunic length garments anyway. Because no matter how much I straighten and tug


They insist upon riding up in the back making my bohunkus look 3 times as large as it is.


That’s a RTW knit top which I didn’t hem as soon as I purchased it and probably won’t hem it now.  I like the color and the trim. Hate how a tunic length garment can make me look so bad.  From the front too



See it riding up and pucking in the front?  There is plenty of ease in body and hem area. It doesn’t need to behave so.


Now the $64,000 question:  Will you make this again?  I like this skirt.  Sham’s instructions are very clear and even with my styling misstep and fabric shortage, the skirt itself looks nice on me.  The construction seems to introduce volume into the skirt that would otherwise be achieved by adding slips with yards and yards of tulle. We used to call those Fifty Yarders and you wanted two.  Do look at the gallery on Shams blog (linked above). The skirt also looks nice with very drapey fabrics and at various lengths.  That said I’m unlikely to make the skirt again. Why? For the same reason as the All Points Skirt.  It’s very distinctive.  I’m reluctant to make multiples of distinctive garments.  If they suddenly became the rage, then yes I’d make another. But otherwise, I’m this is going to be a successful but single version.