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Saki Shrug

I fell in love with this little shrug when I saw it on Yoshimitheflyingsquirrel:

Full directions are on her blog at the link above.

I loved it immediately.  Decided to make it when I saw it on one of the shopping channels for “Under $50″.  I followed the cutting directions  exactly except for converting to inches and rounding to the next full number. (I have no idea how to cut 7.87″.)  This was mostly a serger garment for me.  I did top-stitch the seams of cuffs and collar/hem strips. Mostly because when finished the serged lace hems -even though I trimmed a string off all 4 edges- did not appear to be a full 1/4″.  I don’t trust seams less than 1/4”.  Top stitching nailed the seams in place so they don’t flip around but also reinforced that narrow seam allowance. I think I made this in about an hour and a half. Love it except Yoshimi must be tiny. On 5’2″ me it is elbow length:

It is long enough and longer than I was expecting:


Maybe even too long.  It will be a great 3rd Layer and alternative to a blouse for summer. However if I make it again, I would make it wider.  I say if, because this is kind of a trendy garment.  Besides, I have several easy to make 3rd layers still to attempt.