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Handkerchief Jacket

On my Pinterest Feed this interesting wrap popped up one day

I am always looking for interesting garments and even though they seldom work for me, I keep looking for simple garments as well. I’ve been contemplating summer wraps.  I need them.  I’m feeling the cold much more these days.  Can’t stand to choose food out of the freezer section without a little extra cover. But I digress. I studied this diagram closely and realized it was 4 squares: 1, the back placed on point. 2 placed on either side of the back for sleeves; and 1 cut in half ;  stitched to the sleeve’s free edge.

They call it a ‘handkerchief”. Hmmm, I would venture there are some people who’ve never even seen a handkerchief and have no idea of size.  I at least remember these dainty little bits of fabric carried by my grandmothers and all my aunts. They were small. 6-8″ square. Could not image the handkerchiefs of my memory covering my arms as is shown in the picture, so I reasoned the jacket much have used something larger. How large? Well if they used a 36-52″ Hermes scarf, surely they would have called it a ‘Scarf Jacket’. No? I argued with myself for a while measuring parts of me and turning the diagram around and around. Then I cut four (4) 18″ squares from aisle runner.

Aisle runner is my  choice for tissue and it stands in well as muslin too.  I needed to start somewhere, this seemed like a good starting point.

I stared at the diagram some more than attached the 2 sleeve squares half way (9″) down the back rectangle. Sliced the last triangle from corner to corner and attached to the sleeves. I’m using water-soluble thread in the bobbin so I can change things up if I want — which I assumed I would.

The look on my face says it all:  I’m not thrilled. The jacket wants to slide down rather than sit on my shoulders and appears to be both too big and too small.  Thinking maybe I just need to secure this ‘jacket’ to my frame a little better, I fold the sleeves in half and pin them at the cuff.

Not a whole lot of improvement. It does stay in place a little better. Perhaps the squares need to be smaller? But then the jacket would be way to short in back.  Maybe it needs some pleats in the neck or the shoulder part of the sleeve?  Umm but that’s not shown in the pics.  Ummmmm

It’s on ‘hold’ right now.  I am considering it a WIP (work in progress). It sits in the back of my just-cleaned-out closet whilst I contemplate a solution. I just don’t think I can do it with 4 equally sized squares. N-e-e-d t-o t-h-i-n-k m-o-r-e.