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All Points Plus

It’s not that I haven’t been sewing.  Three of the V7973 posts required looking, comparing, thinking. While I thinking I was sewing other things, but not taking photos.  I couldn’t.  First the piece that holds the camera on the tripod fell off apparently breaking my camera.  So DH was going to really secure the piece that fell off the tripod but he broke that. I have my preference in glue. He has his.  Since he broke the tripod, he insisted upon fixing it and used his glue.  We let the glue sit up for 2 days.  It broke again in 2 seconds. Several days later we replace the tripod at Walmart. Of course, sewing commenced during all those days, as did my ruminations and experiments with V7973. Things are back to normal and I have a bunch of photos to share (Oh and after we replaced the camera, we discovered that the camera didn’t break. The SD card was old and just gave up the ghost on that last fall.)


First up  is my version of Rhoda’s All Points Skirt which I’m calling All Points Plus.  I shared my sewing experience and pics on Mimie previously.  I won’t repeat all that, I just wanted share how it looks on me.


I don’t have the new tripod set up exactly correct.  The photo was intended to show me head to toe to give a good idea of the final proportions.  I still haven’t shed all my Holiday weight so the top is looking a little tight.  It feels fine.  The skirt looks good.  On the day I wore it, I kept going to the full length mirror to look.  I don’t feel comfortable.  I feel big and fat maybe even clumsy.  But in the mirror, I was fine.  DH even complimented me and the skirt.  He thought the points unusual; neither wonderful, nor awful; but unusual and interesting. He told me several times that I looked good. (I automatically upgrade to beautiful just before…)  I guess he could tell I was unsure of my appearance and he kept reassuring me.


How about a quick shot of the slip:


The slip is necessary. Combined with the skirt it is so swishy.


I’ve washed both and am amazed to say these are both wash and wear items.  Seriously, they don’t need a squirt of starch or a puff of steam. Which is good because that’s a whole lot of yardage to iron.


As far as making again, I’m unlikely to make the All Points Skirt.  As written by Rhonda,  and drafted for my favorite length, I have these long, long edges that serve to trip me as well as looking a bit off (rather than interesting). I would recommend making your skirt lengths far less than 30″ for that reason.  I made this skirt wearable for me by lopping off huge triangles from each point.  That’s an awkward sewing procedure I don’t recommend.  But the real reason for not making this again is that it’s pretty distinctive and I don’t wear many skirts or dresses.  You go to a lot of effort to fit a garment and want to be able to use the pattern many times. But multiple uses of a distinctive pattern garner less than complimentary reactions.  I hear “oh you made that again” and it’s not said with enthusiasm.  I do make multiples. The top above is Pamela Patterns T shirt 104. I make lots of that pattern. But it’s a well fitted very common design and it’s easy to make interesting modifications or embellishments.  The skirt was an interesting sew.   I would recommend that you make at least one just for the fun of making this skirt


The slip was made by frankenpatterning Louise Cutting Relax A Little skirt 62950.  I like the skirt as Louise drafted.  It’s too bad I made the first one in wrong colors. This is a goto pattern and one that you make multiples.  It’s easy to fit. Comfortable to wear. The slip was easy to make. Even my goof with elastic choice was an easy fix.  I’m likely to use 62950 pattern again and again.


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All Points Skirt

Dresses and skirts have been on my sewing list ever since ejvc explained their importance in the average woman’s wardrobe. (The link goes to her blog but not the appropriate post).  I wear my summer dresses and I have one simple tube skirt that I wear in the winter.  Several dresses and skirts have appeared in my wardrobe to be worn once and the passed along. And I keep looking at dresses and skirts, thinking of their relevancy and occasionally making another.  Rhonda Buss’s All Points Skirt really intrigued me; and since I do wear my tube skirt frequently, I thought adding another and an interesting skirt would be a good idea.


I chose a 30″ length because that’s the length of the frequently-worn-skirt already-in-my-closet.  It’s frequently worn because the length is both flattering to my leg and short enough that I don’t trip on it while going up and down the stairs.  Stairs are an important consideration for me.  I traverse the stairs in my house several times daily. Everywhere I go, there seems to be a stair or two.  Yes I know “everybody” knows that the prairie is flat lands. But truth is the prairie is is rolling hills that have to be flattened  or carved into in order to build structures. Basements and cellars are important safety provisions in Tornado-Land aka The Prairie. Hence, stairs are an important consideration; and 30″ skirts are the best choice for me. Whew…


But look again at the skirt at made at the 30″ length:

It drags the ground.  Mimie, my dress form, is about an 1 shorter than me. Raising the skirt 1″ isn’t going to solve my problem.  I tried some ugly draping. ‘Nuff said.  I tried hemming the dragging sides.  By the time the sides are high enough to no longer drag, a crotch high slit has been developed.  I’m not a Hollywood Fashionista.  I’m an elderly, Mid-Western woman.  I’m pushing the envelope of “acceptable dress” adding such a unique skirt.  A crotch high slit, even on the side, is apt to have me the subject of next Sunday’s sermon. Not my goal in life. Nope.


So how can I fix this skirt?  Well I cut triangles off of each corner.  I measured 12″ up from the corner, laid my clear ruler across and slashed the fabric; repeat with 5 other corners.  I believe my final skirt has 12 points instead of 6, but it will be wearable:



I finished the skirt with an elastic waistband and a Serger rolled-edged hem. My fabric is a polyester crepe, a Walmart find of long ago.  It has a lovely straight drape. So even though it is a very full skirt giving me lots of movement room, it gives the appearance of a straight skirt with a very interesting hem.  But it’s not wearable–yet.  My fabric is translucent. Not transparent.  You can’t completely see through the fabric, but with a light behind me I may as well not be wearing the skirt at all.  I need either a lining or a slip.  I hunted in my stash and have decided upon a half slip.  When I get that done my skirt will be wearable.


Now the $64,000 question: Will you make this again?


No. There is a massive, heavy amount of fabric to be working with. At times it really is a struggle. The instructions say “tear” the fabric. Well I couldn’t line this fabric on my cutting table for even cuts, so tear it was.  Which left me with multiple thread ends to later trim but only after they’d been caught by the wheels of my chair and the buckles of my shoes.  Because of the length of skirt I wanted, I used over 3 yards of fabric. I have left-over a huge 30″ x 72″ piece and of course 12 odd triangular shapes. The skirt is heavy to wear. While the skirt looks neat on others, I’m not so sure I like how it hangs down and pulls down in specific places. I’m glad I choose the WM fabric, because I can wear the skirt a few times and if I decide I really don’t like it– it can be gone without regret.