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A Little Something

I bought this pattern long ago, having seen someone else’s beautiful creation. I don’t wear too many jackets, so it sat unused until I realized that vests were possible, even from a jacket pattern.

The only change I made was leaving off the sleeves and finishing the armscye with self-fabric.

My fabric is a sweater knit. The print was a wonderful choice to coordinate with the two previous garments. I think it really makes these into an outfit.

But sweater knit may not have been such an excellent choice  for use with this pattern. The front has a cut on facing which is joined at the neckline like a shawl collar. My vest has a tendency to fly open revealing the unprinted inside. I’m not happy about that, but not unhappy enough to discard the vest.

I also don’t care for the way it hangs in the back. I did realize is was a swing coat. I thought the swing was controlled and gentle.  My sweater knit seems to hang excessively and fold together in the back.

However the side view is OK

It isn’t even raising in the front as most of my tops do. Hmm it’s hanging down in the front. I probably don’t have it situated correctly on my shoulders. Nope, I can see that I have the shoulders forward. Well it felt comfortable.


This was a wonderfully easy pattern. I would make it again perhaps a different type fabric. Also I would want to change the facing so that it extends further into the interior or use a double-faced fabric i.e. a fabric that looks the same on both sides. I’m not sure but I might want to shorten it as well. The front view looks a little long on me, but we just discovered I don’t have the shoulders sitting correctly.

I think it nicely finishes this outfit. Unfortuntely, I probably will only be able to wear it another 3-4 weeks and then it gets put up until Fall. Finally Spring is on its way to South Dakota.