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2011 Spring 6PAC Knit Top #2

I bought the fabric for yesterday’s top and today’s at the same time.  The both had the same fabric issue.   I purchased these from Mill Ends in Sioux Falls SD.  Mill Ends has this yummy stack of designer fabrics for very very reasonable prices.  The problem is, you never know why the designer didn’t use them.  Sometimes the designer had too many bolts of this particular fabric. So they used the fabric. Probably liked it.  But had an excess.  I also understand they have a limited time to return for credit.  So they didn’t use it.  Didn’t have time to test it’s capabilities.  But returned it cause that’s the way a designer saves money.  Or maybe originally they thought it interesting but as time went on decided not to use it.  But from time to time, the designer did work with this fabric and it was a turkey.  Maybe it shrank horribly; or snagged sitting on the shelf (sound familiar?).  Did the color crock or run on a supposedly color safe garment?  I’m pretty sure these bolts were returned because the knit was incorrectly cut off the machine.  It was cut at an angle.  It can be used, but will take more fabric and labor to make it work.  A designer might be personally OK with doing a little extra for a yummy fabric, but RTW loathes it and customers return it. I think it was knit with a high quality cotton i.e. a long staple fiber.  It came out of the prewash looking new.  Wrinkles disappeared with hand smoothing.  The bolt did say 100% cotton.  I didn’t do a burn test, but really I don’t see any indication of poly other than wrinkle resistance. Also, it wasn’t in the “big markdowns” just regular designer knits which usually indicates a good quality fabric with interesting design, fabric or texture.   I just need to remember, when purchasing at Mill Ends, BUY AN EXTRA YARD.  I had nearly 2 yards of this one and just barely was able to cut Loes Hines 5213, short version.


The decision to use LH5213 was not whimsical.  I was looking through my patterns for knit tops that I hadn’t used yet.  I’d looked at LH5213 last winter and thought “if I don’t use this now, I should throw it away.”  Thing is, I have a love/hate relationship with LH patterns.  Either they work wonderfully for me (after I pay attention to alignment marks) or they are turkeys.  In fact, I’d look better in a garment of turkey feathers. I decided, now was the time to determine whether or not to keep this pattern..  OH MY GOSH why did I wait so long?  This is my newest TNT and will be used REPEATEDLY.  I’m not just yelling, I’m jumping up and down –too old for cartwheels or handstands..  I did carefully mark the alignments.  Although to be honest once the stripes were coordinated at the cutting, the only alignment marks needed are those at the sleeve/shoulder.  I almost wish that I’d cut the pieces separately because I would have done a better job at lining up the stripes.  Oh they look good up the center of the front, the back and the sleeve. But the join at the sleeve to the body and armscye is, well rough.  If the stripe had been smaller, I would not be wishing I’d cut pieces separately.  My fabric has a 1″ white stripe and a 1/4″ pastel blue-violet stripe.  That 1 inch is just a little too much to stretch or scrunch.  None the less look at shape in this pattern:



Sorry it’s on Mimie.  But she’s almost exactly me and I can be confident that it will fit me just as well. I can’t imagine that I missed this pattern before.  I’m pretty sure that sleeve lengths and hem line changes are well within my drafting capabilities.  I’m wondering how hard this will be to make into say a cardigan?  Or apply neckline changes?


You know, I expected to wrestle with this just a little bit during sewing.  My previous experiences with Loes Hines has been that you have to mark exactly and sew in the order given with her 3/8″ seam lines.  Well the 3/8″ seam line is no issue for me.  But the other stuff is.  I was stunned.  I matched the dots, and serged the seams. All done. Just like that.  Fantastic!