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Loes Hinse 5210, The Bergman

Have you ever found yourself needing to sew because you lacked storage space for fabric?  Well that’s what happened to me.  I received Louise Cuttings new pattern, The Blouse Perfected, and delightedly pulled out of my stash fabric after fabric for consideration.  I narrowed my choice to a beautiful yellow linen and started putting away the other fabrics.  Yikes!!!  The fabrics I pulled from the shelves would not all fit back into the shelves.  How’d that happen?  I’m assuming that my original fold and store process some how packed the fabrics more tightly than my returning did.  So what to do.  I could remove the fabrics from 2 shelves, neaten and restack, or I could sew something quick. And that’s the true reason for making Loes Hinse 5210.


I’m using a wonderful knit fabric scored from Mill Ends Designer Bolts. I’ve got my fingers crossed, because this really seems like a fabulous fabric.  It’s a very fine rayon, double knit.  Just enough body to be good during cool weather but it could be worn with summer styling.  Plus, the pattern has a classic feel to it.  I just new this fabric would be versatile and elegant. It came through the first wash and dry without any affect.


I chose LH 5210 because I hadn’t made this before.  It would be a new pattern to me, but because I’ve made so many LH tops before, I was confident of the fit.  I did make a quick comparison with 5208 and decided upon a size large with 1/2″ NSA and 1″ BWL.  These were almost right.  The BWL brought the waist and hip shaping up in line with my own.  Yes this is a pattern with shaping.  I know many people complain that LH patterns tend to be blocky. This pattern is a wonderful exception.   I should have used a standard 1″ NSA instead of the 1″.  The shoulder is just a bit to wide for me. While the BWL brought the waist and hip shaping up where it needs to me, I also lost very needed length.  To hem, I cut a 4″ crosswise strip of fabric, seam into a circle, folded in half and serged to the bottom of the blouse.  When I make this in the future, and I will make it many times more, I will add 1/8″ at the hip and 1/4″ to the biceps.  Both places are just a tiny bit tight.  Or I could lose 5 pounds.  (Yeah, right.)  It was a very simple and quick garment to sew.


Oh and the button?  I chose to make a complex button using a flat off-white/tanish button for the base with a silver encircled pearl for the top.  I love it.