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A mini Wardrobe

When I trotted upstairs with my new blouse, I realized it worked beautifully with my recently drafted and sewn skirt…

… and the yellow blouse, also recently completed

I had envisioned the blouse as a fall-garment. Standing there in the closet and looking for a 3rd layer, I couldn’t help but think it was perfect!

As I looked further I realized , the corded pants

… completed August 2 and also for as a fall garment would work well and extend the wear of the Rose Print Blouse into fall, a time when you started the day with a 3rd layer (The Yellow Blouse) and  finish sleeveless (the Rose Print Blouse).

Although I confess, when making the Rose Print Blouse, I was thinking of the skirt and maybe the shorts embroidered at the end of July….

… which look quite nice with the Rose Print blouse as well.


I am sure there are other item in my closet that will work nicely. I do tend to stick with the same range of colors, wide though that may be.  Still, it continually surprises me to find that so many items work together.