Ah yes, another sdBev blog. Why? Because I love sharing my sewing/creative projects.  Doesn’t matter whether the end result is disgusting or pride-worthy, I enjoy sharing in the blog format.

This blog will detail my projects which start with an Indy pattern — i.e a pattern not published by Butterick, McCalls, Simplicity or Vogue.  This blog will not include Ottobre Design or Burda patterns. Nor will pants, sheers or cover stitch info appear in its pages.  That’s  because I already have blogs detailing those experiences.

You may notice a number of somehow familiar posts.  Not because I loved the projects so much (some I do) but because I am relocating posts from my index sdBev.wordpress.com to here (sdbevindys.wordpress.com)

As with my other blogs, you don’t need to subscribe separately to this blog if you are already subscribed to sdBev.wordpress.com.  I will make an introductory post on sdBev.wordpress.com with a link to the post here (sdbevindys.wordpress.com). The post here will have the real “meat” of the experience (multiple photos showing progress and too many words.)

Thanks for joining me and as always, please make comments.  Your comments help me sew better.

Thank you


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