A Sweater Knit with Front Placket

Last year this was billed as a “woven sweater knit”.  I was curious as to whether it was the same technique I use on my home knitter or if the fashion industry was once again playing fast and loose with the lingo. I mean, it is hard to tell what you are buying if they don’t use correct terminology.  Anyway I bought 2 yards.  Not what I would consider a “sweater knit”. Not comfy, cushy, wooly thick.  Wouldn’t trust it to keep me warm in Iceland. It is more like a lighter blouse/top weight Ponte but the weave/the stitch is the same as I can produce at home.  A thread is carried along the face of the fabric and periodically looped by a knit stitch to hold it in place. The knit on the back is a  sewing-thread fine yarn. When I use knit-weaving on my home machine, the knitting becomes very firm. Stretch is definitely lost.  This fabric has a 45% stretch. Possibly not as much as expected of “sweater knits” but still a decent amount of give.

I used Silhouette Patterns 195 after adding ease to front and back sides and sleeve seams. Borrowed the easy-to-sew placket From Angela Wolf’s 1492 Linda Tunic pattern.  I was going to make the placket longer so that it would allow easy access to my port. Then decided to keep it the same length so I would have a better idea of how much to lengthen.

I planned and carefully cut the placket strips and  inserted  coated hair elastics in lieu of buttonholes.  Then I finished the neckline with a simple binding.  I do love this placket. Other than length of the strips, prep needs to be accurate. But then you just stitch on the line and clip where indicated.

I want you to know I carefully matched stripes at sides seams and back.  The back I pinned every other stripe. It shifted. The sides I pinned every stripe, they held in place under the needle. I need to write a big note on my envelope containing the back pattern piece.  It needs to say “DO NOT USE WITH LARGE PRINTS, STRIPES OR PLAIDS”.

I match back, front and sleeves at the underarm which nearly always results in a great match across the side-view.

What I’m really interested in on this side view is how the back hem is not straight across. It seems to be lifting just a bit. While the back feels perfectly comfortable, I’m thinking more and more that I need to increase my RBA.

10 thoughts on “A Sweater Knit with Front Placket

  1. Linda I think you are right about RTW and stripe matching. I dont shop the high end stores so cant say none of RTW attempts to match but certainly it is more common to see people wearing unmatched stripes, plaids and especially patterns.

    Thanks for encouragement with the cancer. It helps.

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  2. I’ve not stopped thinking of you and always enjoy seeing your blog post pop up in my email. My BEST to you!!!! Your top is lovely and you’ll have that extra snug comfort of knowing that you made that yourself, as you snuggle down into your layers and take that ninja medicine. I’ll be praying, my dear cyber friend.


  3. Best wishes for your treatment. I hope you don’t have to suffer too many side effecs and can continue what you love doing. I hear you on stripes , they can be tricky despite all the ‘tricks ‘ we throw at them. Your top looks lovely and my motto is , if I can’t see it then it doesn’t bother me.


  4. I’ve been thinking about you as I wonder if/when my cancer may come back, I’m glad you will be warm and comfortable with your striped top. You are back to the top of the prayer list!


  5. Best wishes for your treatment, Linda. My husband’s poker straight hair came back curly hair after his chemo ended; at the time we had a good laugh about his hair in a dark period of life.


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