Liverpool Knit

I heard rave reviews about “Liverpool Knit”. So last year when put its stock on sale, I bought several cuts. When they arrived I thought “pajamas.” I’m just not wild about this fabric. It is a synthetic knit with 35% stretch; has a crepe-like face and comes in beautiful prints.  I opted to use it now because I wanted to execute Peggy Sagers instructions for adding a funnel neck to the Sweater Set, 195.

Well things went terribly wrong. I ended up with a hole too small to put my head through. Obviously, I missed an important detail.  But I had neither additional fabric nor  the enthusiasm to try and fix this test garment. Instead I ripped out the basting and cut a scoop neck:

I was almost finished stitching  matching-pink  FOE around the neckline when I decided black would look better. Yep I ripped the pink out and added the black.  Really, I think it was the right decision.

I’ve made the T-shirt from 195 so many times that it is a breeze for me to sew.  Besides the failed funnel collar I noted too-late-to-correct that I haven’t added ease to this pattern. It’s needed after all the weight I gained the first 6 months of this year (and haven’t lost a single pound.) Two places are particularly bad, right at the hem which may also be due to the fact I glued the hem in place with Steam A Seam before cover stitching; and (2) the bicep, elbow and forearms are really close. I prewash all my fabric but still I’m thinking “if it shrinks a teensy, weensy bit, I won’t be able to wear this  a second time.” Shame really because it is a pretty print.

Oh!  Just thought of this:  I have 1/2″ seam allowances on the side and sleeve.  I could let them out to 1/4″ and gain 1/2″ on each sleeve and 1″ across the seat.!  {Slaps face. Walks off}

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