Workin’ a TNT

My inspiration was this top which crossed my feed several months ago.

I chose a rayon challis fabric.  It is a sister to the yellow of a few days ago. Both printed with nostalgic images of Diamond Head, hotels and palm trees.

Where the yellow print was monochromatic the fabric used today was more richly colored.

I pressed my fabric. Laid it out then lay my pattern pieces on top.  Hoping to add the lovely flouncing of the inspiration’s hem, I added 1/4″ to each seam at the hem tapering to nothing at either the waist or underarm.  Doesn’t sound like much until your realize there are 5 seams; each has 2 sides and so the net added is 5 inches.

Still not quite enough ease added so I may want to try this idea again and be a little bolder.

I also opted to use my extended shoulder template making the shoulder a little longer which better balances the shoulder and hip lines.

Overlapping the shoulder seams, I pinned the front and back together to trace the neckline. Similar to making a facing, I measured out 4″ to draw the outer perimeter.  Not wanting a facing or flat collar, I sliced from the outer edge to the inner on this new piece and then spread the slashes 1″.  As you can see from the front and back pics, I didn’t come close to the amount of flouncing seen in the inspiration.  Next time, I need to be a little bolder.


I finished the edge of my flounce with a serger rolled hem. Serged the flounce to the neckline right side to wrong side respectively.  A little pressing and flipped the flounce to the public side. This flips the serged neckline seam to the public side as well.  While it is hidden beneath the flounce, I like to top stitch that serged seam.  I think it helps the neckline lay correctly.

I do love workin’ my  TNTs.  It is so easy to indulge in creative exercises or to try a new technique; and you are nearly always assured of a wearable garment.

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