SP195 Muslin 2

I contemplated recutting the sleeve and tweaking the right side of the garment but then decided I couldn’t really tell how the garment would fit until I corrected the RBA.  I started to transfer my changes to the tissue. Wait a sec. At this point I’m thinking I need a sleeveless version, a sleeved version and a cardigan version. May not all at once, but should this pattern work (which it looks like it will) I will want this basic pattern in all 3 versions. So Instead of transferring my changes to the tissue, I traced the tissue and now how a Sleeveless pattern. I petited the Sleeveless pattern 1″. On both back and front I made a  3/8″ deep (3/4″ total) dart below the shoulder in the armscye (terminating at the neckline).  I also lowered the front neckline 1/2″. At that point, I trimmed the excess from the neckline and shoulder; trued the armscye and trimmed excess from around the armscye both back and front.  I added a 1/2″ RBA and 2.5″ in length at the bottom. I marked the side seam so that I trimmed 1-7/8″ at the underarm. Aligned my curve 6 at the armscye and 11 at the stitched seamline.  Added 1/2″ seam allowances and trimmed all the excess tissue. Not sure it will look very different to you

I started to rip apart the old muslin when the stray thought exploded in my brain. “Surely there was more fabric I could use for a trial garment”.  Muslin 1 had been on and off my body 8 times. Pressed and lightly starched about the same.  Wonder how much it had been stretched? Besides, when alterations are incorporated into the pattern, the fabric can hang a bit differently. I searched for an older jersey knit fabric, preferably a light cotton. Very shortly I came across an animal print. Pseudo because I know of no animal with blue and black splotches on a cream background. It’s most endearing quality is 3 yards of 60″ wide fabric. I can make a muslin and have enough left to make a real garment! Win-win! I cut the back and front from this new fabric. Stitched the darts and center back seam. Serge finished every edge except the shoulders which I serge front and back together.  My serge creates a finished 1/4″ seam so I also stitched the shoulder 3/8 deep on the sewing machine before basting the side seams.

Peggy is right about this pattern being quick.  Once the fitting is done, I’m sure I can cut, sew and wear in about 2 hours time. Or less.

My first fitting was a genuine surprise. Pleasant at that.

You can’t actually see how lovely this fabric is because I lightened the pics 70% but you can see there’s not a whole lot of bad stuff going on.  I might should let out the front across my tummy 1/8″.   I am wondering about the advice I receive earlier to make the RBA a little bigger.  At the time I stated that I’d used a 3/4″ RBA on another pattern without effect. But this is clearly showing the typical downward dog lines of rounded back. They are equal on both sides.  I was expecting to see diagonal lines only on the right side.  Which are more obvious on the side views

Right Side                            Left Side

I’m wondering if I want to trim out the underarm some. I stood with hands down at both sides; then slipped my right hand over to the left side and held the underarm in place while I lifted my left arm

When wearing it, I thought the underarm was fine. Look at the pic, I’m not so sure.  Anyone want to encourage me to scoop away?



One thought on “SP195 Muslin 2

  1. It looks just fine the way it is but…. if you do scoop, do only a bit in the area btn your thumb and forefinger – ie scoop in toward the body of the garment as opposed to lowering the armsyce. It will flatten that underarm curve just a bit and give more room for your front arm as it sits/swings forward.

    This garment looks just terrific! congratulations.


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