Flutter Sleeve Update

I’ve worn my finished Tank Top with Silhouette Flutter Sleeve  for a full day.  I liked the shoulder coverage and, as I wrote previously, there is a certain joie de vivre about the flutter sleeve; but my glances when passing mirrors and windows  were unsettling i.e. not  seeing the look I wanted.

Upon exiting the laundry process, I decided a change was in order.  The zig-zag stitches used to attach the flutter sleeve were ease to remove.

Before......and .....After
Don't I look slimmer in the after?


I did not open the side seams but simply trimmed the sleeve closely on the public side. The underarm is acceptable for summer, but  just a bit lower than I  like. Unfortunately, there’s no disguising my lower right shoulder since there’s no place for a shoulder pad


Before ................After
If anything, the lower shoulder is more obvious without the sleeve

Otherwise I think the back view is much better without the flutter sleeve.  The SAS did release its death grip and I was able to separate all the hem’s layers and curls.  I added 1″ knit interfacing along the hem’s raw edge.  I like to interface a hem.  I think interfacing adds body and definition but I’ve noticed that I stretch knit hems. For that reason  and the fact the hem is stretchier without interfacing, I’ve eliminated hem interfacing in ITY knits.  I wanted control of the  edge curl,  so I fused the interfacing and (did you guess this?)  I stretched the hem:

Some people may not notice but I see that the hem ripples especially in front. I’ve lived with this before and will just ignore it this time too.  At the very least, I have confirmed that my interfacing application contributes to the fluting of knit garments. I hasten to add, this is probably the result of my application procedure NOT a fault of the interfacing or the fabric. After all, no one else on the Internet seems to be complaining; it must be my problem.

Especially considering I disliked this version so much that I removed the flutter sleeve, will I use the Flutter Sleeve again?   Yes, conditionally.  I’m not sure I followed Peggy’s instructions exactly or even close enough. Also, I think that I may have encountered a proportion issue.  The 9″ width Peggy suggests, fell at unflattering point on my arm for my body.  I don’t know what happened with the length I chose.  Instead of terminating at the waist (as measured), my flutter sleeves finished 4″ lower along the side seam.  I mean, I probably did something wrong from the get-go that created a less-than-flattering garment. Also, while watching Connie Crawford’s videos, I was struck by how she (Connie)adjusted the sleeve length for each of her models.  She pointed out, corrected and made it visibly unmistakable that there is a ‘best’  sleeve length for each person and each sleeve length (short, elbow, or full length).  It’s possible the  Flutter Sleeve would be more attractive had I either followed exactly Peggy’s instructions or achieved correct width and length in proportion to my body. However, I don’t plan on working with these possibilities in the near future. I’m attending two weddings and have a vacation to enjoy in the near future. Plus,  I’m excited to have basic blocks that fit with and without sleeves for knits as well as woven fabrics.  I have 4 pants patterns that fit wonderfully.  I’m eager to work on style variations and embellishments on all of these.  Also, I really want to fit both the kimono and raglan sleeve styles.   I love those styles and look forward to including them once again in my wardrobe.  I have some exciting-to-me sewing I’m looking forward to. Flutter sleeves are kind of low on the priority list.




2 thoughts on “Flutter Sleeve Update

    1. Thanks Karen. I prefer seeing a tactful agreement when something doesn’t look right. I keep wondering if I could change the sleeve width, or length or if maybe the blouse needs to be longer. IDeas for future exploration.


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