5203 in ITY

My second top in my Spring 6PAC is made in an ITY print using the (yeah!) TNT  Loes Hines 5203 Cowl Neck Top. Without the cowl. I don’t think the cowl looks that good on me. I look neckless. Plus I dislike collars that hug my ears.

I did however decide to tweak the shoulder pads.  I was ecstatic with the fit of LH 5202 Fuchsia Flowers blouse.   It falls smoothly from the shoulders without any drag lines. Exactly the fit I want. Funnily enough, my right shoulder is lower than my left but the shoulder pads and fitting  choices I made for that blouse created just the opposite i.e. the left was lower than the right. Not so funny, it strongly reminded me of the 80’s. I like a little shoulder pad. I think a little help straightening my shoulder line is youthful. But I don’t like foot-ball pads.  So I purchased a different set of shoulder pads from Wawak. Instead of 3/4 right, 1/2 left; I’m using 1/2″ right, 3/8 left. I was hoping that the 1/8″ difference (vice 1/4″) would make my shoulder line level. However shown clearly above, I’ve not achieved that goal. My left shoulder is higher than the right.

Even worse, at least a hint of the swag lines have returned. Now, the ITY knit has an effect upon the  fit. ITY does not have as much stretch as the rayon jersey used previously. I thought I compensated by sewing the side and underarm seams at 1/4″ instead of 1/2″. But that’s not quite the right solution.

Fortunately the dizzying swirl of color tends to hide the excess ease between waist and hip. So odd to me that the same change (reducing the side seam allowance) not only didn’t solve the too tight chest issue but created a too loose waist/hip issue.  But like I said, fortunately my fabric choice makes all that practically invisible.

Despite the interesting effect of the shoulder pads, I won’t make any changes to this pattern. I’m not sure this is the right combination for me.  I have 6 sets so 6 chances to makes it right.  I will continue to tweak the shoulder pad situation all the time wearing this is  really great addition to my Spring 6PAC.


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