Ebb (CLD 81508) Once my fit is close..

to fitting, I’m really eager to see if it is perfect. That’s why I had 7 Eleanor muslins.  With each iteration, the fit was so close, I couldn’t help myself. I absolutely had to make the next tweak that could make my  Eleanor perfect. Even knowing this personal  weakness,  I again tweaked the Ebb and paired it  with the  Rayon Batik purchased for my 2016 Spring 6PAC.

I’m happy to say:

 I’m close.

Let’s start by evaluating the back.

Add a few lines …

I’ am concerned the back neck is not hugging my body.  That’s not been an issue with previous Ebb versions. I question:  is this due to the newish fabric; or over-handling; or a new interfacing (a very lightweight, fusible Tricot purchased from The Sewing Workshop); OR the shoulder alteration;  OR my pressing;  OR  does the garment just need a trip through the laundry?  ( I’ve often been amazed by how much better my sewn garments look after they’ve made a trip  through washer and  dryer followed by light starching and  pressing).

I’m rather pleased that the use of 3/8″ left and 3/4″ right shoulder pads have evened my shoulders albeit not perfectly level.

I am happy at how the back hangs from my shoulders. I *think* this is how the garment is supposed to hang from a model’s body; even better that is how it looks hanging from my 60+ shoulder/back.

.. and so I look at the right side view …

… and of course add a few lines so I can see what is going on…

I must admit that the rising front hem which is echoed at the empire line does not inspire me.  I also note that the shoulder seam appears to be leaning towards the back; and wonder how significant that is.   I’m truly pleased that I do not have side swag-lines; the U lines that run from shoulder-blade  across the side and under the side seam before turning upward and meeting the front empire.  Not having those is so encouraging. It confirms that increasing the angle of the shoulder seam is the right choice for my body albeit not the total solution.

But then the front makes me shake my head:

I purchased a new interfacing so that I would not struggle with cutting blouse interfacing.

I truly love most of interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply but admit that I’ve got a problem — please note I recognize this could be me and me alone — when it comes to cutting said interfacing.  I always need to cut the blouse-weight interfacing multiple times.  I end up whacking away at it several times creating jagged lines.   Much as I dislike Pelon, I much prefer the easier, straight-forward cutting experience I had to whatever it is I’m doing now. 
Not only that, but TSW interfacing doesn’t appear to be supplying the body I need for the front neckline of the Ebb. Hold those tomatoes! Take another look:


The neckline will not fold into a typical lapel. I’ve pressed it into place. This IS the best  the lapel will  look. But I like that the wavy empire line is not all that detectable, even when I add lines

Overall my worst complaint?  I can’t see my dragonfly buttons:

I didn’t make buttonholes.  I over lapped the fronts; tacked them together and then stitched my buttons on top. Love these buttons.  Purchased them a couple of years ago and held onto for the perfect garment.  This is it??? They aren’t noticeable unless you are up close and personal??? Despite my whining, this is a lovely garment.  Justifies my fitting efforts and I’m proudly making it Garment #1 in my 2016 Spring 6PAC:


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