LH5202 2016 Fabric and Fitting

That’s raspberry not red.

My fabric is a Rayon Challis purchased in the last year from FashionFabricsClub.com.  When it arrived, I asked,  why? Why did I purchase this.  Well it is was rayon Challis. One of my all time favorite fabrics despite its downsides; and it was in an interesting snake print. The colors are

  • bleach white-the color I wear when I need to convince anyone that I am sick
  • acid green-  a color the hurts my eyes and reflects in my face creating a ‘just vomited’ appearance. Also good on days I want to convince anyone that I’m sick.
  • lavender- my mother’s favorite which neither she nor I can wear. It makes us both look beaten and bruised.
  • Raspberry- (although It photos a clearer red) another color that brings out all blue undertones and makes me look bruised.

I learned a long time ago that I needed to be careful with colors. Some purples can make me look like I’ve been beaten.  It befuddles me when I make a purchase like this.  It’s the Internet thing. Even though our equipment has gotten much better, I still mis-see (as in mis-remember) colors. I assure you,  I would have kept on walking had I been in a store.

But I kept this purchase.  I knew it would make a good muslin someday. Today is the day.

I basted together my pieces using water-soluble thread. It was wonderful to just sit and sew. Then I tried it on and slipped shoulder pads in place. Loes drafts and includes a pattern for a 3/8″ shoulder pad.  This is the first time I’m using uneven shoulder pads.  My left has the 3/8″ pad for which Loes drafted.  My right shoulder sports a 3/4″ pad.

I was totally shocked when I looked at the pics.

Front has minor buckling just above right hip  that should smooth out.

The right side has vertical drape lines like the back is too large.

What a laugh; the left side now has the bust wrinkles my lower right side used to have.

I know the back could be more perfect, but I felt like if I could just reach back there and smooth it a bit, I wouldn’t have any complaints. Even the sleeves look nice.

I was shocked. Did I really fit this pattern so easily?  Was a 2″ BWL the solution to my fitting woes?



Looking at it now, I wish I had made more creative use of the stripes.  I didn’t even realize I had stripes until these pics.



One thought on “LH5202 2016 Fabric and Fitting

  1. I thought at first sight that this top with its stripes looked quite nice. Then I read about the colors and how they aren’t that great for you. Could you maybe consider overdying to get a more compatible combination? You don’t have a lot to lose and you MIGHT get a save out of this. I also really like rayon challis and I have also heard it takes dyes pretty well, but I have never tried. Just a thought…
    Jeannine (jlsewsew)

    p.s. I enjoy reading your blog even though I have not been commenting. Your fitting expeditions are awesome!


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