A 3rd Layer

My collection needs a third layer. If you’ve read my posts for any time at all, you’ll know that I want extra coverage in the sun and in the grocery store freezer sections.

I’m using View B from Connie Crawford B5793 pattern. It’s an easy 2-piece pattern that doesn’t need fitting.

I prefer long sleeves for my third layer (for reasons listed above).  I actually started another garment with another pattern. Once I had it basted together, I could tell it wouldn’t work  visually or fit wise. Everything I could think of that would fix  fit, made issues elsewhere including visual.  Everything I did to make it more appealing visually wouldn’t coordinate with the current collection.  Finally I decided to set that aside and chose a new fabric and new pattern, B5793.  My fabric is silk/cotton. Note the silk first.  If I had to choose, cotton/silk would be my favorite of all time. But I like this combination too.  It is as light weight as a scarf and silky while still being opaque.    I made no effort to match the plaid. Was totally surprised when the plaid matched on the left side

Doubly surprised when the right matched too

I was focused on fitting the pattern pieces on the 44″ wide fabric. I wasn’t surprised when the shoulders didn’t match. I covered it up by inserting 1″ flat piping along the shoulder line.  I find that “place” for the eye to rest makes the mis-match less objectionable.  Only one odd thing with this pattern: the way the sleeves peak at the shoulder:

I didn’t notice that until I was pressing the shoulder seams.

I finished the sleeve with a narrow, twice-turned hem.

I used a serger rolled hem to finish the hem and neckline.

From start to finish this lovely casual 3rd layer took maybe 3 hours:

… and since this is a late-summer early-fall collection, this 3rd layer will be perfect.


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