I decided to take my own advice, shared on SG a few days ago.  I’m taking a break from the Ascona pant and working on a quick and easy project; a palate cleanser. First, I “discovered” I had 2 mending projects.  One is a pair of shorts with cover stitching popping in the hem. Not at the waist but at the leg hems.  It’s not popping just where the CS meets itself and is overlapped but at several places along the way on both legs.  Odd because cover stitching by itself is always stretchy enough for knits. But I guess this fabric was the exception. An easy 5 minute fix which I’ve put off for several weeks.  No kidding, 5 minutes at the sewing machine stitching around each hem twice. Done!

The second involves this pretty red knit top completed only last week:

I suspected that neckline would be too low as well as too wide.  I fixed the too wide before finishing and wore the top one time.  I spent lots of time holding my neckline in place. Like, every time I bent slightly.  As the day wore, on the center front continued to droop in front. It forms a very pretty neckline which continued to be more and more risqué.  Another simple but fiddly repair.  Several years back, I was into making bras and panties.  I acquired some very wide elastics and I still have some.  First I laid the garment inside out on the ironing board, positioning and smoothing the neckline.  I pinned a piece of elastic in place.  Took the top off the ironing board and slipped it over Mimie (my dressform) and adjusted the elastic to be tight enough and a centered a lace repeat.  I basted from the backside. Then flipped it over, adjusted one place that had tucked and another that had slipped out-of-place. Then I topstitched the elastic. It sort of flopped around. So I edge stitched along the neckline and then top stitched (making a 3rd row of stitching) about 1/2″ away.  This secured the lace quite nicely. The lace preserves my modesty and adds a nice romantic detail.

Don’t cha think, I need to alter the pattern and make another.



2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Excellent fix. That neckline was ridiculous but now you have a really cute top. And yes, you should definitely make another. Great picture too!


    1. Wow, the lace on that top moved this into another category. I’m going out to find the pattern. (and to follow your lead on the modifications.). Lovely.


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