Loes Hinse Madagascar Tank


This tank is comprised of only 2 pieces a front and a back. The directions have you finish using Loes standard  turn and stitch neckline and armscyes. I will use bias tape or FOE because I prefer a more finished edge.  Shaping is in the side seams, center  front and center back seams.  The center back seam is rounded for waist, hip and upper back. I’ve never purchased another pattern with obvious rounded back shaping. The side seam is curved for bust, waist and hip as is the center front seam. This has obviously been shaped for mature women; women with curves;  not preteens.  Another fit option is the side seam between hip and hem. There are two on the pattern. You can choose a slimmer fit or easily trace just a bit more. I think you could choose more ease for the front or for the back i.e. that you don’t have to choose an even amount of ease but can adapt for where you need the ease.

I checked the envelope for my recommended size. I chose by bust and then measured the pattern.  It is  easier for me to determine the bust location than determining hip.  Bust darts always fall in the right place for me. While there were no darts, the side and front bumps were good indicators.   I think there is 3″ of ease across the bust.  I make most my tank tops from knits and 3″ may be too much. But I’m going to start with this size. I did not check shoulder slope. There really isn’t much slope on a 2″ shoulder.  I did pull out my sloper (CC1201) and check over all ease and length.  The only alteration I made after tracing was my BLW.

From the site: “Suggested Fabrics – View A & B: All drapey wovens, knits, velvets, and laces.” I chose a lawn remnant from my stash. It isn’t really stiff or firm, but I can’t call it drapey either. It’s a nice light weight fabric without being transparent.  Definitely a good fabric for summer. I serged shoulder, center front and back seams at 1/4″; basted the  side seams at 3/8″  because the directions say that all the seams are 3/8″. Then I pulled it over my head; and immediately pulled it off. I ripped then stitched the side seams at the minimum like almost 1/4″ and pulled it on over my head a second time.  I ripped out the basted  side seam between hip and hem.  Finally it dropped over my hips. I was mindlessly struggling, trying to pinch in the armscye bust-darts that insisted upon forming:

when I stopped in my tracks. Something was really wrong. I thought I compared this with my blouse sloper which has plenty of ease because it’s expected to, you know, blouse. But this top did not have adequate ease. I mean I was sweating trying to pull the dang thing on and off. Reaching up to pinch the dart was painful.


Two pictures and this post looks too dang long already.  Oh well, come back tomorrow. 


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