OMG I need 50 of these

I’m talking about Connie Crawford’s B0456.

OK, fabric helps and mine is a rayon challis I think purchased from Fabric Mart late last year.  I always grab the rayon challis when it’s on sale.  I love sewing and wearing this fabric all year round. But it doesn’t last long in my wardrobe.  It looked kind of bright on the Net page. So I bought only 1.25 yards which is enough for sleeveless or short-sleeved tops-usually.  When it arrived I almost donated immediately. This is so not me. I’m the pastel’s lady. Soft, muted colors in conservative styles. Small, dainty jewelry. Same with shoes and purse: small, dainty, conservative colors and styles. This is bright enough to put your eyes out. I kept it because I realized it would do well as muslin.  I’m not sorry at all for having used it to test the pattern.

My changes are miniscule.  I increased the side seam between armscye and empire seam 1/4″. It’s a dart like adjustment that takes 1/4″ away at the armscye but leaves all the ease at the empire seam. The back armscye was slightly gaping, so I increased the princess SA by 1/8″ on both back and fronts. That’s it. That’s all. My total adjustments to this pattern are:

  • BWL, done on the original tissue
  • +1.25″ hem length
  • Creating facings.
  • Increase Side seam 1/4″ at armscye
  • Increase princess seam 1/8″ at armscye

That’s nothing.  I’ve never fit a pattern with so little effort. I want to make 50 of these.

I added length evenly to the hem. For the first time, the hem looks even without having to add at CF or CB

The armscye was drafted for a vest type garment. In my mind that means the armscye is 1/2-1″ lower to accommodate under layers (blouse, camisole, etc).  I thought that I would be increasing the shoulder slope and that would raise the armscye. When I didn’t increase the shoulder slope, the armscye becomes almost too low.  I bound the armscye without reducing the height of it at all.  works fine, but I must remember to add a seam allowance if I want to use any other finish.

I love it. Just love this garment.


9 thoughts on “OMG I need 50 of these

  1. Wow that looks great, what a good combination of style and fabric, and it fits so smoothly! I’d be curious to see how it looks made up in a less flowing fabric, but the pattern definitely has a potential to become a standard TNT design for you…


    1. Thanks Indigo. You’ve got a point about the fabric. I wouldn’t be happy if the blouse points stuck out or a stiff fabric added pounds to my own. Maybe I can tell you after my 50 versions.


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