…and then I pulled the pin…

Louise Cuttings Easy Ageless Cool blouse is one of my very favorites. To me it is the perfect Camp Shirt combining ease of sewing and wear along with a bit of femininity and elegance.  Alas, my previous  version was less than satisfactory.  A combination of diagonal bust to hem pull lines, rising front hem and mess of wrinkles on the back completely overshadowed a beautiful embroidery and delectable light peach coloring.  Inspired by the improvement seen in LH Tunic Blouse,I opted to attempt the dartless FBA on this next blouse. I have much to share, but today I wanted to start with an eye-opening-for-me experiment.

A few days ago, Myrna posted an amazing description of how she  determines the sleeve cap height and why . (Namely those front of sleeve drag lines I’ve been puzzled by). The following day she posted an in-depth tutorial for making a sleeve cap height adjustment to the pattern.  I’ve tried adding cap height  here. I added 1/2″ as given by that pattern drafter. Adding 1/2″ had absolutely no effect upon the wrinkles in my sleeve. However after seeing Myrna’s description and pictures,  I wanted to give it another go.

Today I made several alterations to my pattern (which don’t include cap adjustment and will be discussed in later posts), chose a fabric and cut a new blouse using the EAC camp shirt. I stitched it together almost. Hems are not done and the right sleeve has been stitched from front dot, down across underarm seam and up to the back dots. The top of the sleeve was left unstitched but held in place by a single pin. I took back, side and front pics and then I pulled the pin holding the right sleeve into the armscye.


I’d call that a good 1.5 to 2″ of bare skin. Which means I need to add cap height to my own sleeve whether or not it has an end effect upon that annoying drag line.

… More to share on this blouse tomorrow.


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