3rd (and last) PJ Top

… for this winter. Two sets of PJ’s is enough.  I’m in the one to wash and one to wear camp. Just because I can’t always do a laundry turn around of 8 hours. I decided upon a 3rd set this year because the Aqua top was not only stretch out but badly pilling after only a few wearings.

For bottoms, I’m using a caramel colored legging purchased at Walmart last year.  I do like these for long johns, lounging around the house and sleep wear. I just won’t wear them outside the house as outer wear.

Ignore dark spot on top. It is from removing the water-soluble stabilizer. It will dry back to the same color as the rest of the top.

The top is a bamboo knit.  I bought a couple of these just to try them out.  I love the softy silky feel of bamboo however, in my life, I find bamboo no longer wearing than rayon. I have a feeling that I will be replacing this top by next winter.   I’m using PP104, truly my favorite T-shirt.  I scooped the front neck about 2″ and used the long sleeve. But otherwise it is the same dependable pattern.  No shoulder pads this time. Truthfully, I’m less fussy about fit when it comes to PJ’s.  I want something that is comfortable and doesn’t look like a cleaning rag.  Most flattering fit doesn’t even enter into the equation.

I did take this opportunity to add a little machine embroidery.  With my Surface Pro I was able to sort through my embarrassingly large embroidery collection and chose a low-density, red-work type design.

I felt the original design was unbalanced. So I copied the single flower on the left (in the blue oval); copied it, mirrored and pasted on the right.  Then I dropped into Embird Studio and created a join between the green leaves.  I still had jum stitches between the yellow flowers and their orange centers.  Sometimes that can’t be helped. This was one of them. Running a connection line beneath the green would have been visible and not the look I wanted. Also because I’m embroidering on a knit, I prefer to avoid making large spaces inflexible.  Every stitch does a little to restrict flexibility. The finished embroidery is lovely and very much “me”.


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