Winter PJ’s

I bought PJ’s from Victoria’s Secret this year. No, not those kind. Mine are sensible meant-to-keep-me-warm, in a penguin print.

These are so darn cute but they reminded me of how ugly my current PJ’s are. Nothing would do but I make a second set of PJ’s.  I decided the bottom would be a walnut colored set of stretch corduroy leggings I already have. Sorry no picture. It’s just not the kind of picture I care to share. The top I constructed using Pamela’s Patterns 104 T-shirt. Primarily I used this pattern because I can wear it as PJ’s without any alterations. Just sew and wear. My fabric is a rib knit purchased from Walmart eons ago.  I think it is a cotton but the way it pills, I can’t be sure. (It pills faster than a rayon knit.).  Until I started sewing I wondered why I still had this particular fabric.  I like rib knits and this was a beautiful blue aqua.  Why on earth was it still in my stash? Because it stretches out of shape while your are sewing.

I’d already completed this embroidery using my PE770; and since this was always intended to be PJ’s, I decided to finish and wear…. at least for this winter.  The rest of the fabric. I donated.  Hope the next person has better luck.


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