My Anniversary Dress

I’ve been off the net for very good reason.  We just celebrated our anniversary.  We made a several-day trip to Sioux Falls SD. Visited the Falls in winter (spectacular!), the Butterfly House (they’ve added Chinese Quail!) and shopped until the credit cards cried for mercy.  We dressed extra special for our anniversary dinner and visited the Carnival Brazilian.  I don’t wear many dresses. Just a few in summer. But DH asked that I wear one for this year so I made the above and believe me it looked better on me that it does Mimie.

While Mimie has my ease-measurements, she doesn’t really have my curves.


Things happened and I didn’t get to sew the dress until the day before we left (isn’t it always that way?).  I decided to go an easy route and combined two patterns, my TNT T-Shirt PP104 and a summer dress from 2 years ago, Vogue V8025.

I knew I wanted long sleeves, a flattering neckline  (check mark for Pp104)  the flirty skirt from 8025. Actually I knew I wanted 8025 but with long sleeves.  I chose an cotton-blend, interlock knit.  It has slightly more body than a T-shirt fabric most definitely because of the blend.  Because I didn’t have much time, I didn’t draft actual pattern pieces.  I ironed the fabric and folded it with sleveges in the center giving me two fold-lines. Then I placed the T-shirt pieces on the fabric:

I placed the dress pieces directly on top of the T-shirt pieces, aligned with grain-line and armscye.

This was the best of 5 photos. F-I-V-E.

I debated the armscye alignment.   Sleeveless garments (the dress was sleeveless) often have a slightly raised armscye. This could have dropped the waist shaping too low. Also I lost between 1 and 1.5″ of ease.  I measured carefully in several places to be sure my hips and waist had enough room.  I can assure you the dress was a hit.  I could tell by the way the staff treated us. We were seated immediately (15 minutes prior to our reservation and people were waiting). Our coats were retrieved and carefully hung. The service was excellent. The food wonderful. OK, this was a 5 star restaurant. Anything less would have been disappointing and resulted in a fiery review. To our credit, we didn’t disappoint them either. We told the waiter promptly that it was our anniversary and want a suitable wine.  DH ordered their house special drink. We had water and cola to quench thirst. I mean, good spirits like good food should be savored.  We left a generous tip. They made the evening perfect; they deserved the tip.  Oh did I mention there was live music?  It was a one-man band with quite a repertoire. Though I don’t remember the musician’s name, I do remember DH stopping by to leave him  a tip as well.

I had thought when making the dress, that I could shorten to a T-shirt after the Big Day. But when I got home I decide it would easily be useful for both Christmas dinner (which will be spent with a blind friend) and New Years which we plan to spend at the American Legion with the town.  OK, I had planned to shorten the dress and had told DH I would wear another dress during winter.  But he begged and plied me with wonderful compliments.  I explained the dress was not the problem; it was the wind which whistled under the dress when going to and fro the car.  He promised to bring the car to me at each departure.  How could I resist such a plea from such a man?

PS hope to update this with pics after Christmas dinner.


6 thoughts on “My Anniversary Dress

  1. How lovely that your DH enjoyed you wearing the dress so much. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. I have also made dresses using the lay one pattern piece over another method and its worked quite well.


  2. How wonderful! So glad that the restaurant didn’t disappoint and your DH must truly be a DH and he evidently didn’t disappoint either!! How many years has it been?


  3. That is a beautiful dress I am looking forward to seeing the pictures with you wearing it. Congratulations on your anniversary and have such a wonderful DH! Merry Christmas.


  4. Congratulations on your anniversary, and on a lovely dress, and a truly generous and kindhearted DH (door to door service, whoot!) Like everyone here am hoping for photos of you wearing the dress!


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