A Two-Fer

Sometime ago, someone asked about making multiples.  I make multiples of the same pattern. Unless it’s a really distinctive pattern. Otherwise, doing the fitting and not making the pattern again seems like a waste of time.  But I rarely make multiples of the same pattern at the same time.  It’s too much like making a uniform. But when I made 5203 for the 6PAC, at the same time sewed this version

I made this version per the pattern instructions.  I didn’t have enough fabric for the previous version and so skipped the cowl and made the garment 5″ shorter. In this version I made the ViewA, tunic length with 4″ (2″ when sewn) vents. I made my usual 1″ NSA and BWL.  I used the same pieces for both versions because View B doesn’t have any side seam shaping. In my mind, View A was designed for someone with tummy and hips.  It curves outward ever so neatly just above the hips.  As always, this was an easy quick sew, even with the few pattern alterations I made.

My one disappointment with the pattern is the cowl itself. To me this is not a cowl:

I expect a “cowl” to drape much much more. To me, this is a deep turtle neck. Like the ones I wore in the 60’s. In a way, I wonder if I wasted my money.  I haven’t made the actual comparison, but I think the pieces are almost exactly the same as 5208, Bianca’s sweater. Now I love Bianca’s sweater, dont’ get me wrong. it too was an easy fit, but I wonder if I couldn’t have drafted an 8″ wide rectangle for the “cowl” instead of paying what I did for a new pattern. Oh wait, I remember. 5208 is more like View B of 5203 with it’s straight sides.

Doesn’t coordinate with the bright blue of my 6PAC, but looks good with the black:

Dang! Why does the camera always snap when I’m looking at the wall hung TV?

PS Fabric is a sweater knit of undetermined fiber.  I’m thinking trilobal. Nice wooly feel without being wooly itchy.


4 thoughts on “A Two-Fer

  1. How pretty and cozy!! And the close-up is a great photo of you. I don’t have the cowl neck top pattern, but have made the LH Boat Neck top many times with and without the funnel neck which is just an extension instead of an added rectangle of whatever size you chose. I typically cut the funnel neck about half of what the pattern width is but it’s up to us. I think this looks great on you. I love classic striped tops and wear them often.


  2. You inspired me to finish a top from the LH Boat Neck pattern and I wore it today with a pair of her pleated pants. If I get a chance I’ll post a photo of it.


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