I haven’t been posting but I haven’t been sewing much either.  I’ve once again had a few health issues which  slowed me down.  Nothing horrendous. A summer cold which won’t go away. Pulled a knee muscle. Just as it got better, I pulled the other.  Then a failed jean project kinda of took the wind out of my sails.  I ve been reading, watching TV and shopping. Fortunately, I haven’t added to the stash but I ve got all kinds of new beauty stuff. When I finally came out of my funk, I’d lost track of what I was sewing and why. I have plenty of clothes. I sew for the pleasure and learning. So I read my own blog — sorry for all the mistakes. Promise, I run spell check and proof read but obviously don’t catch all. So I looked around and found I have 3 almost TNT’s.  Patterns that almost fit exactly like I want. But not close enough that I c an whip out a garment without thinking. So I started with LC 12269 Easy Ageless Cool Camp Shirt. The pants I’m not fond of but the shirt is the classic camp shirt, IMO.

When last used, I felt  the resulting shirt was a smidge too small. I loved the fit across the shoulders and probably could have simply added ease across the hip. Except I thought I could benefit from a bit more ease across the bust as well.  It’s usually easier for me to make a larger size and increase my NSA  to perfect the fit. The next size up added a lot of ease but I was fairly confident and selected a cotton homespun fabric and an elegant shoulder embroidery:

I trimmed one of the sprigs, repeated and joined it to form a hem border.

Yes it took some time but the payoff was 1 hooping to embroider the  hem front.  I used the multi-position hoop of my Brother PE 770. Which meant I had to stitch out half the design, move the hoop and stitch the other half. But I hooped stabilizer only once and used it for both halves of the front.


Despite my cherry smile below, I’m not satisfied with the fit.

With so much extra ease, I thought I would use this as an over blouse/light weight jacket. My first impression is that the sleeves are too long.

Then I looked again and realized that the shoulder is too long, even for a camp shirt. I’ve decided to ignore the wrinkles in the back–for now at least.  I’ve not added shoulder pads and with the shoulder drooping the back can’t look it’s best. At least, I do not have masses of horizontal wrinkles in the mid back.

I probably should just admit that I need a bust dart. It would take care of both the rising front hem and the side diagonals. But dang it, camp shirts aren’t supposed to fit like a tailored blouse and shouldn’t have bust darts.

I feel another couple of iterations will be needed before I’m totally satisfied. With the fit, the pattern I’m more than happy to have and sew. My maturing, rounding body needs a little more help to look it’s best.  In the meantime, this shirt will serve it’s intended purpose as a slouchy, easy to wear third layer.


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