Camp Shirt for the 6PAC

I finished this camp shirt and wondered why I didn’t have a dozen already. Louse Cuttings Easy Ageless Cool pattern #12269 ….

is better known for the pants. I think the camp shirt which is an overlooked hero.  As usual, LC includes excellent instructions, perfect drafting and a few tricks along the way. Her one piece collar all by itself deserves standing ovations. The hemming process is simple and elegant, just mark carefully and follow the instructions.  I made two pockets and altered the sleeve to full length. LC instructions include a diagram with multiple pins easing the sleeve cap into place.  I matched notches between sleeve and armscye; set my serger differential at 1.5 and serged it into place with the sleeve against the throat plate. The sleeves went into place perfectly. I finished the sleeve with a cuff less design feature I first learned from La Fred.

Hem as usual, add buttonhole through both sides of the sleeve and place the button so that when closed the sleeve is narrowed to your preference.  I prefer to be able to button my sleeve while the blouse is on the hanger and then slide my hands through the opening.  But you can make it smaller and button after the blouse is on your body.

I made my usual alterations i.e. altering the back waist length and a 1″ narrow shoulder adjustment. I opted to eliminate the darts this time although a dart template is included with the pattern for the purpose of locating both front and back piece darts. I also added a 1/4″ thick half-moon shoulder-pad. Yeah, I know it’s a casual garment. It’s just that I’ve become so round-shouldered that I really need just a bit of padding across the shoulders.

When worn, the blouse feels perfect. My pictures tell a slightly different story.

The full front view is very reassuring.

I’m seeing excess in the middle of my back on almost all my recent tops.  I think whatever is causing that, is probably causing all the other back wrinkles as well. It’s possible that I could use a sway back alteration.  Certainly the fish eye darts would have helped.

one of the issue I have when taking photos is being hurried. I’m trying to change things and get into position before the camera goes to sleep or snaps the next picture. Even though I didn’t have time to rally settle the blouse into place because of being hurried, I think it does show that my hem is rising in front and drag lines are forming.


While the garment feels comfortable I am debating how to fix the issues that I see. I could add length to the center front and extra ease for the back hip. I also could attempt a PBA for the back.  My feeling is that I might be better off tracing the next size up. Certainly, this is wearable for now and I love the fabric; a good quality quilting cotton in my stash about 7 years.  The fabric was on the “yellow” shelf. I realized that the pink was exactly the color I needed and that “some designer” had designed a perfect color scheme for me:  rose-pink, pastel yellow, and pastel violet. I think this blouse will be worn many years with many different garments. Despite my fit reservations, I give this blouse a thumbs up!



4 thoughts on “Camp Shirt for the 6PAC

  1. Bev, you just need to add bust darts that would make all the difference in the front fit. Also you just need to swing out the lower portion of the back pattern piece to give yourself a bit more room. A back swing out will allow the hips to fit between the side seams…. then true the line up with your french curve. Louise’s techniques DVDs include all these alterations but many are included in the pattern fitting instructions.


    1. Terri, Pretty sure I chose the wrong size. I realized later I was looking at the finished measurements chart instead of the recommended size chart. I’m lucky I can even wear this blouse. Thanks


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