A Rust Colored top

to coordinate with the Rust Colored Jeans of yesterday.

Want to know if the chosen color is flattering? Leave off the makeup and take pics. Look like a dead-fish or the black-hole of Calcutta? Don’t use that color. But look like you’ve gotten a little sun, keep using.

I used a rayon knit and PP104 or at least I think  I did.  When looking at the side view, I think I might have used a different pattern.

PP104 has a built-in dart. It’s kind of added to the front side seam and generally works well. Also the front seldom rides up…

but “Velcro Butt” is a recurring problem with few solutions that apply to clingy knits.

I have no idea where I got the embroidery. I liked it because it coordinated with the roses I put on the jeans and because it is light weight. The outline or redwork embroidery style  makes a substantial statement without weighing down or distorting the fabric. Don’t misunderstand, I still love those heavy Renaissance type embellishments. But every now and then, a simpler form is welcome. 

Changes to the pattern were scoop neck, 1/4″ shoulder pads  and 3/4, cuffed sleeves.  Once you have a good pattern, it takes minimal changes to create something that looks entirely different.

 Note: Hopefully, I have managed to control the size of the pic and still allow clicks to expand.  I won’t know for sure, unless you tell me about the problems. 



2 thoughts on “A Rust Colored top

  1. Good looking outfit. I love the embroidery on both pants and top. Have you ever done a sway back adjustment on tops to keep from bunching and having a velcro bun? “Usually” it will help. Nice colored fabric.


    1. Its been a long time since I tried a sway-back adjustment. Usually my issue is enough ease across my rear (see side view of rust colored jeans.) My posture and figure have changed enough that I’ve wondered if a sway back might be helpful at this stage of my life. The rayon of this top is a bit clingy. Also neither the Tshirt or Vest are sitting squarely on my shoulders. I was more concerned about that pants that I couldn’t get to sit right. First they sat too low and then too high. Isn’t that the way it always goes?


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