Artist In Motion-Boucle Version

I hadn’t intended to share any more pics, because the first fitting

First Fitting

..ends up being about the best looking. I spent some time pinning out various possibilities.

Pinning and Clipping

I was thinking that perhaps controlling  the ease to create  an even hem and bring the wings even closer to the body would make this first version at least wearable.  During the various attempts, I thought the best was simply removing some length from the side wings. So I trimmed 3″ from each side, added new interfacing; folded in 1″ and cover stitched along the raw edge re-creating a nice flat finish.  I once again stitched the coat snaps to each corner and then took the time to snap a few pics…………….

I’ve gone from being very excited about this vesty–, imagining it in many different soft fabrics, worn though multiple seasons– to being afraid that I will not be able to make the look work on me.  It is narrow and close at the shoulders and neck, while flaring down towards the very-high hem. The hem still rises in the front and without my shirt would expose a large expanse of my midsection. Humpty Dumpty would be comfortable, but I prefer something that suggests a more hourglass or at least rectangular image.

I want to emphasize that I don’t think this is a designer error. The pattern is beautiful drafted; easy to sew; and I’ve seen some lovely garments on other people. No, this is the kind of thing that can happen when you try to adapt a “designer” garment for the body it wasn’t intended.   I am narrow -shouldered, wide hipped with as much depth as breadth  and I have a tummy.  That’s even before we talk about how I am short; short-waisted and definitely over weight. Oh and I forgot, my “headlights” are hardly larger than a bee-sting and I have less than military or regal bearing.

I think the issue is not the soft, loosely woven wool that I chose.  This boucle  falls close to the body but does not cling.  You can see between the first picture (First Fitting) and the 2nd (Clipping and pinning) that the fabric isn’t affected by extra weight.  It drapes well without the clips.  I really don’t have many fabrics much softer.  The envelope recommendations include my fabric:

drapey fabrics… gauze of silk, linen or wool; loosely woven linen; hand woven fabrics; tropical weight wool; 3-ply silk; microfiber;light-weight chambrey;silk crepe de chine. 

I may try this one more time and alter the hem to be even without removing any of the wings. I dunno.  I just keep seeing “preggars”

I really don’t want you to read my blog and say “That’s it. I’m not wasting my time with that pattern.”  I’ll repeat that the pattern is well drafted and I’ve seen some lovely creations straight from the envelope.  I do have a clearly defined preference for dressing.  I know what I want to look like. I know what I think looks best on me. I don’t think pregnant is my best look. I’m kind of closed minded in this regard.


3 thoughts on “Artist In Motion-Boucle Version

  1. Oh Bev – how discouraging! The fabric that you chose is so lovely, and the results so less wonderful than you hoped. I think that it is as you suggest, not the pattern per se, but the intersection of the pattern and your personal style and body type. I imagine that it would look well on someone who is tall and leggy, with broad shoulders, the opposite of my own body type (I am built like the little teapot: short and stout). I suspect that if I tried this pattern I would have the same results. When I am struggling with a new design, sometimes I find it useful to use my faithful croquis and make kind of line drawings of various options to see if it I can find a good proportion that works with my shape. Have you ever tried anything like that?


    1. Alison
      I have my own personal croquis, just haven’t used it in a while. I depend upon my dressform but really need to adjust her padding. Croquis are a fun tool to work with.


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