Ruffled PP104


I made this knit top specifically to coordinate with the pants from Monday.  I used my TNT “The Perfect T-Shirt” (104) from Pamela’s Patterns.
I’m one of many many fortunate women who found this pattern to be perfect with few alterations. It’s a great pattern which I use as my basis for adding design details.  I was inspired by this Simplicity 2599 pattern

to add ruffles.  I even cut one of the ruffle shapes from 2599 and then cut 5 ruffles from my fabric. My neckline is a rounded V which I immediately intended to finish the wide edge of the ruffle by including it in the neck binding.  It wasn’t until I started to retrieve and change serger threads that I decided upon finishing the ruffle edges with Maxi-Lock Stretch. The pattern recommends a narrow, double folded hem.  I have this Stretch thread in Poppy Red, Eggshell and this lovely Blue.  I’ve decided I need many more.  I use Stretch only in the lower loopers  which means I need only 2 of each color.  Possibly only 1 is needed. I finished this with a wide flat hem i.e. thread in the left-most needle and even tension so the edges don’t roll.  It looks great. But I wonder if I might not have liked the rolled edge even better.

I’m most likely to wear pants and top with a vest like this:

Which brings me back to talking about the pants. They actually fit better after the 3rd and final tweak:
Since then I’ve endured 3 rounds of laxatives which emptied my swelling belly (a result of too many antacids taken during a particularly rough Reflux episode). The pants don’t fit as well because my waist no longer measures the same. This changing waist length, is a continuing issue for me and the reason I put belt loops on nearly all my pants. I will be adding belt loops to this pair as well because as I said at the conclusion of this post I need these pants.  My weight is barely under control. The needle is not climbing up the scale but it does sit stubbornly on the same number (3 pounds less than after Christmas).  Exercise is a strong component in my situation.  I am walking all the days when the weather is pleasant enough.  That means I did walk during the 30 MPH winds that were hot enough to be generated by a blow dryer on “HIgh”; but I’m not walking today because the rain is falling at a rate oscillating  between down-pour and heavy rain AND the temperature has dropped 30 degrees overnight.  I’m terribly afraid of slipping. So even if the rain stops today, I will not walk until tomorrow. Yet it’s obvious that my normal daily activities are not providing enough exercise.  Point is, I need this pair of pants, so even though they do not look as good as my JSM’s, I finished them and I’m wearing them as long as my bu tt is this size or late fall–whichever comes first.

BTW, back of my top is plain:

Thankfully my vest covers up that bit of velcro bu tt.


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