The Newest Projects: What to do?

I’m not sure what I’m doing with either of those fabrics.  I’d like to make something with them, preferrably a wearable item. I am a dressmaker, after all.  In my heart, I’d love to just fix the the colors I don’t like. But that’s a lot of terriorty, er yardage to be fixing.  I wonder if it’s even possible. So I cut a few small samples, maybe 2″x3″ and start testing.

Hydrogen peroxideon Fabric 02 :
soaked 24 hours and dried 24 hours; does seem to make everything just a shade lighter.

While dishwashing gel:
which was recommended as a stamping decolorant appears to have a new shade of blue.   To be fair, I did not use “Sunlight” diswashing gel as recommended.  I couldn’t.  I could not find it in any of the stores locally or at my Walmart 90 miles away.

immediately smeared the colors on fabric 01 but after drying 24 hours lifted the whole color scheme.  I could use this. The orange and tan would work well for me; much better than the previous red and green-grey.  But could the blue be preserved in some way?  Some reasonable labor-wise way?  I am talking about 2-3 yards of fabric which would need to be changed.

Fabric 01:

tested only with bleach.  There wasn’t enough change with hydrogen peroxide or dishwashing gel to pursuade me to make another test.  Initially the bleach appeared to have no effect upon this sample.  But after drying for 24 hours there is a clearly an unlovely-to-me change in the color.


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