The Second Fabric

I almost didn’t bring home. I knew at the time that the red was not my red. I have to be careful with reds. Some make my nose look big and red like an old wino. Others make me look sunburned and ill. If they start shading into purples, I can look bruised and beaten.

But it wasn’t the red which concerned me. It was the background which is not tan or brown but IRL is a greenish grey. It’s not that I can’t wear green. I can still remember the tests without makeup and with the various greens. The right green puts a blush on my cheeks and sparkle in my eyes. With the right green, I have cheek bones. But this isn’t the right green. This is the kind of green that puts circles under my eyes and dulls my skin color.

So why didn’t I leave it at the store? That blue. I love that blue. It’s not my best blue, but it is a good blue. It makes my skin look creamy and smooth. It makes my eyes look aqua blue. I love that blue. Besides it was on sale and I thought the tag said 100% rayon. Either the tag lied or, more likely, my memory is confused because the burn test says 100% acetate. Yep I burned a 1×3″ strip. It has a bright orange flame all the way to the last speck of cloth. Not much smoke though and not much smell. The remainder was about 1/2″ square, dark and smashed easily. Yep 100% acetate. But it drapes like a nice rayon and it feels like a nice rayon. I can’t quite decide between long sleeve blouse and ankle-length dress. I’ve been contemplating this fabric for about 5 years, 20 seasons. I can’t decide what to make because I can’t decide what to do about the greenish background.


2 thoughts on “The Second Fabric

  1. Any chance you could find a solid blue to match the blue that you love and use that solid fabric as a yoke in a dress or collar of a blouse. That way the blue would be next to the face. Just a thought.


    1. I’m 3 hours from a brick and motar fabric store. I find that purchasing on-line makes fabric matches more difficult. I like the idea, no scratch that, I LOVE your suggestion. I just don’t have the logistics in my favor.


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