PP104 in Turquoise Jade

I love Pamelas Patterns 103 and 104.  It is the $500 T-shirt pattern, IMO. It’s the shaping. Really. Narrow shoulders, nice set in sleeve, side seam curves that follow my own. It’s just as easy to sew as the average terribly fitting T, but so much nicer to wear.  I used it this time because I wanted to experiment with a particular machine embroidery ME pattern.  Using a TNT, especially such a nice TNT can nearly guarantee a good results.


I wanted to work with a neckline


I purchased this at least 10 years ago from a now defunct vendor.  Many people called themselves digitizers and jumped on the internet expecting to make their fortunes with little work.  This guy’s designs are a work of art. He understood the relationship of the thread to the fabric and light as well as the importance of creating an automated embroidery file that would stitch out cleanly.  His files have minimal jumps. He achieves color shadings through stitch direction and fill patterns. His digitizing is so balanced that it stitches or gauze, knit or felt equally well.  I have hundreds of his designs, most equally beautiful and containing but 3 or 4 thread colors. He was a victim of an internet hate campaign and eventually sold off his designs and retired. I still see copies of his designs here and there. But when I download the files and look at them in Embird, I know that he did not do the  digitizing.  It’s such a shame, but we lost a wonderful digitizer and ME artist.  I am glad I purchased these when I did.


I think I’ve used this design before, but I deleted the set of “pearls” indicating a neckline. He created a number of such interesting neckline details with simple stitches which I’ve always ignored choosing to use the design of my pattern.  This time I decided to see if I could incorporate the neckline indicated by the design.

Why?  Well I realized the entire design would fit into the royal hoop of my Ruby. Previously I’d always had to use multiple hoopings. I can rehoop accurately, but it takes work.  I’d always preferred to stitch out that cute line on my sewing machine after the ME was done.


I also wanted to experiment with color.  I do not have an innate sense of color.  I have to work hard at it.  I was looking at the color wheel and realized that the color of the fabric along with the red would form a perfect Tetrad by using the 2 other colors.  I’m not sure I like the final color combination, but I don’t dislike it either.

As for the pearled neckline, well it didn’t match close enough to my pattern.  I had to finesse the fabric a bit. I decided in the future I need to print the template and measure the neckline against the pattern piece.  None the less, the final T-shirt is nice:


I’ve modeled PP104 many times and posted the pics on this blog.  Believe me, even though it seems to be hanging a bit on Mimie, it fits me nicely. This T will be worn with Turquoise Jade pants that are just a bit more blue


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