A Slip, Finally!

I’m not sure if this makes sense, but while I’m thinking of pants fitting, I need to sew something else.  I need to sew.  It’s my therapy, my relaxation, my creative endeavor.  But pants fitting needs thought before I cut into the next fabric.  So I’ve preplanned a couple of simple projects.  Projects I can sew while I’m fretting about pants fitting.  This slip is one of those projects.

My fabric is 100% polyester.  I thought it might be nylon, but it holds up to heat where nylon would melt and ruin my iron.  It’s has a stiffness similar to a light weight horsehair braid.  Yet as you can see in these pictures, it drapes nicely.

I did this slip quick and dirty.  It’s a half slip based upon Louise Cutting 62950, Relax A Little skirt.  I used the front piece, measured 27″ from the waistline and folded the excess out of the way.  At the waist, I measured up 1/2″ and folded the rest out of the way.  I then cut the front 4 times and serged it together using a 4-thread seam.  I hemmed my half-slip with a 3-thread flat serged seam except I used the satin stitch setting and covered the edge generously with thread.  I goofed on the waist band.  I used 5/8″ lingerie elastic and did the stitch-turn-stitch application.  The goof is that lingerie elastic (pantie elastic) cannot support the weight of this slip.  I usually cut my 1″ elastic for pants at 34″.  At 34″ this slip dropped down 3″ onto my hips.  That was immediately.  Not after my body heat had warmed the fabric and elastic.

I was looking at two rows of triple-stitch zig zag that would need to be removed.  Now understand I’m making this slip only because I just made the AllPoints skirt out of a translucent fabric.  I haven’t worn the skirt more than a few minutes.  I don’t know if the skirt will find a permanent place in my wardrobe or migrate to the Goodwill box after the first full days wear.  I’ve not needed a half slip in years. But I need one for this skirt.  So I cheated.  I didn’t rip out a stitch.  I rummaged in elastics bin and found a 1.25″ black elastic that was a bit stiff.  I cut it 32″.  Then I used a plain zig zag stitch to attached this 1.25″ elastic to  the previous lingerie elastic.  Works pretty good. I am concerned that it might add visible bulk at the waistline.  I deal with that when it happens, if I decide to keep the AllPoints Skirt.


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