This is a favorite pattern.  I bought Pamela’s Pattern 103 first.  That us the T-shirt conversion pattern.  I remember well the first T shirt that I altered using PP103.  It was relatively easy. The results were over-the-top. I loved it. DH was astonished.  Later I bought PP104 and have been using this pattern to make most of my T-Shirts. I also use this pattern to compare with untried knit tops.  It is well fitted, not close, but skims all the lumps; shoulders match mine and there isn’t either excess or insuficient ease anywhere.

IMO, just because I start with a T-shirt pattern doesn’t mean I have to end up with a classic T-shirt.  PP104 is designed with a curved hem. I retained it for this versions because I like the look of the curved hem and I’m planning to wear this with the AllPoints skirt.  I also used the slim sleeve which maybe a mistake.  The slim sleeve is very close fitting. If the knit shrinks at all, I’m in trouble.  My pattern neckline is lowered for a 3/4″ knit band.  I wanted the neckline a little lower for this version and so I trimmed another 1″ from the center front of the fabric. The neckline is finished with FOE. I really need to start measuring and marking the FOE.  I keep just winging-it, attempting a one-for-one application and not quite getting it.  Here I may have stretched the neckline just a little.  I’m hoping the laundry will fix the neckline without affecting the sleeve.


I’m most excited about the trim.  I cut strips 1-1/2 inches wide.  With a 3 thread, wide seam, I serged one edge just plain. The opposite edge, I increased the differential and then holding both in front and behind the serger, stretched the strip as far as possible.  I marked the top of the shirt with horizontal lines 1-1/4 inches apart and stitched the unstretched edge along each marked line. The end result is a gently fluting ruffle across the top of my garment.


I repeated the trim just above the sleeve hem.


The back is plain.


I wanted a fairly neutral top.  I find that the plain tops are the most versatile and most worn tops in my closet.  So I wanted a kind of plain top, but I wanted it to have a little character.  I think the modified neckline and the trim did that for me.


I’m using an unusual fabric.  I thought I bought a fancy knit from FabricMart.  What I have is a double cloth formed of two knit layers.  By themselves either layer would be wimpy (as is the tie-dye knit from yesterday). Together, I have a nicely weighted fabric.  I’m very pleased with this top.


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