Loes Hines 5208

This is the “Bianca Sweater” pattern from Loes Hines.  It’s more than a T shirt pattern, although that’s what first comes to mind.  I think the pattern was designed for sweater knits. I’m using a Rayon knit purchased from Fabric Mart a few months ago. I’m using the same size I would for a sweater knit fabric.  The pattern is designed for the shoulders to end at the natural shoulder.  For me that’s a bit less, so I gave the pattern a 1/2″ narrow shoulder adjustment.  I also lowered the front neckline a full inch.  Good thing too.  When worn the finished neckline including trim is at the base of my neck.  I’m also using the default sleeve length.


This is the 2nd time I’ve used the pattern.  I used the same size for  a brown bamboo knit to which I added a cowl collar.  I think bamboo needs to be made in a size smaller.  This rayon knit fits perfectly whilst the bamboo is too wide in the shoulder, too long in the sleeve and nearly tunic length.  Fabric makes the difference.


I do love this trim:


It’s a black elastic purchased one of those times when FM had bundles of elastic available.  I need to buy more.  It makes a lovely trim that is stretchable when donning or disrobing.   I Frey-checked the cut edges.  This elastic was just too narrow (3/8″) to finish otherwise.  I do hope that holds up.


This was a wonderful project and much needed.  I chose a simple neckline finish and completed the garment in about an hour.  After struggling with shirts and their bits and pieces and top-stitching, under-stitching etc etc WHEW I needed this quick and easy project.



One last thought on this Loes Hines pattern.  I’m actually trying to use all my unused patterns.  I was rather surprised to come back to this one.  First I ran into the problem that all my long-sleeve designed-for-knits  patterns seem to have very low necklines. I do mean cleavage revealing and I don’t have much to reveal. I’m actually rather surprised at that fact. When I’m cold, my neck and chest get cold too.  Am I the only one with that problem?  What do other people do?  Do you make the plunging neckline and then cover it up with a sweater or something?  My 2nd issue was the print itself.  It is a large (but not the largest) print with dominate shapes and colors.  I felt that cutting it into more pieces with say a princes line would distort and lose the appeal of the print. I hesitated even with a cowl neckline, fearful that the distortion of the folded neckline might also fold and drape one of those roses to the wrong place.  I opted for a known pattern so I could control these issues.


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