03: 2011 Winter 6PAC

This is the last fabric I selected and it was the hardest decision to make. I knew I wanted a woven fabric for this top. I kept looking for fabrics that would look good with the greys already selected. I would have thought you get grey by diluting black and the result would be the same neutral just lighter. So all greys would harmonize with all greys and all other colors. Not so. Grey is not just tone different, it is hue different. My chosen grey fabrics all have a blue cast to them. Grey with a brown cast is much more flattering next to my face. I didn’t know that for many years and collected all greys. Thankfully, I have only a small supply of these bluish greys (and no desire for more) because they don’t harmonize well with most of the colors I buy for myself. I knew this would be my contrasting top but (like RuthieK) I wanted it to look like it belonged to a collection, my Winter 6PAC collection to be exact.


I pulled out and stacked lots and lots of fabrics next to my greys.  They all either left me asking “why bother” or saying “oh yuck”.  This lovely flannel was hiding between fabrics emerging only after many days of trials and rejects.  I think of flannel as a casual fabric and so I think I should make a casual top.  My heart, again, wishes for something more dramatic or at least something a bit different.  But my brain says: This is to be a basic wardrobe. Dramatic and different arent’ going to work well and with many different types of tops or bottoms.


I’m leaning toward Louise Cuttings camp shirt in 12269:


It’s already fitted. Actually it qualifies as a Tried and True pattern.  I’ve already worn the first version many times.  It is comfortable and requires no tweaking . I would want a longer sleeve.  Perhaps the mental stretch of changing the short sleeve to a full-length sleeve with cuff would satisfy my inner-desire to do something a bit different.


I also like this pattern because it contains front darts.  I could easily add just a bit of shaping.  I like that, but I’m thinking if I make no fitting changes this blouse could be used for layering.  I’ll have to think about this some more.


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