What real people wear to bed:

LOL, maybe even old lady clothes, but real life includes bed clothes that are comfortable, lightweight and probably not s*xy


I’ve been sewing, had a few “down” days not really bad but I needed sleep after a few rounds of early morning/late night?? reflux.  I don’t get much done on those days and I’m always glad I retired.  Sometimes I miss the busy-ness of work, but days like these I’m so glad I’m not having to force myself to work.  When I need rest, I can rest without guilt.


I’m pretty pleased with my drafting progress.  I’m even tweaking the idea for next year.  My top above was developed from KS 3107 (pictured in the previous post).  I made several changes.  My neckline is a rounded  V finished with fold over elastic (FOE).  Instead of a cuff, I finished the sleeves with FOE as well.  I cut this tunic length and then rounded the sides at the hem forming a more tradition shirt tail hem finished again with the FOE.  My FOE has a shiny side and a matt side.  I used the matt side as the public side this time and I like it much better.  The first top I used the FOE on, I used the shiny side and even though it’s nice fabric, it looks kind of cheap.  This fabric looks much richer because of the matt finish of the FOE. Oh and it’s cheap.  I noticed a snag on the backside.  I haven’t worn this more than 5 minutes and it has a snag!  I doubt that it lasts the full winter.


The back is very plain. The embroidery on the front is actually a section of a much larger embroidery.  I didn’t want to put a lot of effort into this garment.  I knew that the fabric was flimsy and cheap, but I did want a little ommph.


The robe


I put much more effort into.  Generally I find that a robe lasts me several years but my nighties maybe only 1 or 2 seasons.  So I used a much better fabric for the robe and did more extensive emboridery.

The back has the full large embroidery:


I did this on my Ruby.  It was supposed to be 1 thread.  I changed mid-way so the top is just a slightly lighter color than the bottom. For some reason the first spool of thread was really problematic. It may be been the bobbin. Except I used the same bobbin through out and the problems ended when I changed to the 2nd spool of embroidery thread. Funny though I used the same thread on my Janome without issue. Because it was so large I wanted to do this on the Ruby.  The small embroidery took 35 minutes on the Janome and I did 3; 1 on the gown, 1 on each “lapel” of the robe. This large embroidery took and hour and a half, but at least 20 minutes of that was fussing with the bobbin and thread issues.  I do think that I ended up with tone-on-tone embroidery that will be beautiful for years.


The robe patter is the large in Louise Cuttings Of-TheMoment Tabard.  There is a line that says “lengthen here”. I slashed and added 14 inches.  Talk about long and flowing, if it were black instead of teal, you’d have to call me ObiWan. Ummm as short as I am, maybe Yoda.  I have it basted on the sides where Louise indicates.  I’m not sure I want to leave the sides completely open.  The fabric tends to curl inward at the bottom.  I did not use any interfacing which might have corrected that issue. Since I folded the cut-on facings to the inside and topstitched, I won’t be adding any interfacing either.  One interesting issue.  Usually I can select knit fabric and the weight then choose a straight stitch and not have issues.  On this fabric that selection gathered the fabric.  I had to select a narrow zig zag .5 wide 5mm long for a nice first stitch.  Even though it’s a zig zag, the line of stitching looks straight.


As I said, I’ve only basted where Louise indicates you should nail down the sides with a little square box.  I’m not sure I want those sides to remain open.  I’m also not sure that I will be satisfied with the “sleeve” length.  This is meant for winter wear.  My tunic has long sleeves, but sometimes I need an extra layer on my arms.  I have some fabric left with which I could add a kimono type sleeve when desired. If the sides being open is too cool (temperture wise), I can do several things.  I could use a joining stitch and join the two sides together; or just tack together every 8inches; or make an upside down L seam that would leave the sides flapping but the body closed; or …..   well I can think of a number of things. But first I want to live inside the robe for at least one evening. I’m rather curious about it effectiveness at keeping me warm.  I anticipate it will be more comfortable than a traditionally shapped Ruana.  The Ruana is usually 2 rectangular pieces joined long sides together only about half way.  Today it is more often seen as a single large rectangle with a split up the center front.  Either version is uncomfortable on the back of my neck and a big shaggy/unkempt to wear.  This tabard is 3 rectangles; shaping at the shoulder and a curved back neck.  So to start with the neck is much more comfortable and the shaping at the shoulder is a more refined and elegant look.  The pattern doesn’t call for a front closure.  I may have to correct that as well.


I do have one more garment planned for this set. That will be leggings/dance tights/long johns.  I have fitted Kwik Sew 3661 and could make short work of a bottom to go with my top. But I’m curious about a Burda pair of leggings ummmm don’t have the issue at my fingertips.  I’m undecided, this morning because the KS is already fitted and ready. But the Burda draft looks superior; already having a nice back ledge (which I added to the KS) for my generous rear end and the front is already slanted to accomodate my shorter front crotch length (also already added to the KS).


You won’t see pics of me in my nightie or the last piece.  Just imagine the top with matching tights and the robe. Probably prudish of me, but I don’t particularly care to model my sleep wear.


As for the Amanna Jacket and the Vogue 1264, they’re still on hold.  I could have used the Vogue 1264 this week.  I fear winter is rapidly decending upon us.  We had a 2 day Indian Summer and from here out temperatures are predicted to steadily decline.  I think I should move on to my coats and have them ready for snowfall.


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