Amana Jacket

Yes I’m already working on my next project.  I do have some activities and general living that will interfere, so I must proceed while I can. I photoed and then cropped the bed cover that I described in the previous post about the Amana Jacket.  I’m absolutely sure I want to use the OTM Tabard and pulled out the pattern.  Well I really would prefer to use the jacket. Imagine my joy when the envelope said I could create a small from 2.25 yards of 45″ fabric. I happily traced the pattern pieces in a size small.  I started to pin them together and try on Mimie, when I realized that if I fit this to Mimie, I wouldn’t be able to wear it over much more than my underwear.  A quick, rethought and I pulled out McCall’s 2835. Sorry this pattern is so OOP that you can only find a pic at EBay or some one’s Etsy shop.  McCall’s was designed for polar fleece, but the ease is sufficient that I’ve used it with wool–fully lined with appropriate interfacing! A quick comparison told me that the two were close.  The slope of the shoulders is different.  The front of the OTM is much extended and the back neckline of the OTM was a bit smaller.  So encouraged, I steamed the “fabric” and started laying out my pieces.


Now, if I’d not been particular about the fabric “motifs”, there was plenty of yardage. BUT I am particular.  Amana used a variegated thread to weave the bed covers. Variegated threads tend to “pool ” colors.  Take a close look at the pic above and you should be able to understand.  Generally, I choose to utilize variegated yarns/threads either in fair isle patterns (for knits) or in objects that need shading (in embroidery).  But this is already woven.  I cannot control the pooling, it’s already there. I have to figure out how to use it.  I think if I break it up beneath the armscyes, I will lessen the effect of the pooling. But I can’t arrange my jacket pattern pieces to line up the armscye areas over the pools and still have enough fabric for all the jacket pieces.


I gave a small sigh and returned to plan A, which was Use the Tabard pattern. I trimmed the pattern to the large size (I used the small size for the jacket) and started trying to arrange the 2 pattern pieces. Not good. I can get the fronts lined up the way I want. But the back covers 2 pools. BTW the pic above shows 2 pools. The entire piece has 4 asymmetrically placed pools.


I would prefer a jacket length tabard. The pattern is mid-thigh almost knee length on me. But that’s an issue I’ve yet to really tackle.  I DO like the width of the large.  My wing span is 52″.  The large tabard would have a wingspan of 40″.  40″ would give me lots of coverage on cool and windy days. But it won’t fit nicely between the pools of color.  So I try the small. A similar problem.  The small front fits nicely almost completely avoiding the pools. But the back is going to insist upon some pool-action.


I hearken back to my Home Dec teacher, she with total command of color and design, who insisted “if you can’t cover it up, FLAUNT it.”  I fold the fabric in half at the center of the biggest pool.  I arrange the small center-back on the fold and then arrange the front pieces. Voila. This is it.


Except, now I need to make a decision about the length and I need to decide if I’m going to do anything to cover more than 2″ past my shoulders. Oh and dinner is almost ready.  Think that’s it for tonight.


******Sigh, Once again Blogger will not let me preview.  It did at least allow me to spell check. But we are both stuck with hoping that post makes sense because I can’t switch to a different view which makes me look at things freshly and notice that I’ve made a booboo. Sigh. We all have our crosses to bear. Blogger is mine.


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