Autumn 2011 6PAC Top #2

I was pondering what to do next after the Clown Butt Alteration experience.  Yes, I was sitting in my sewing room, having cleaned up, stacked or put away all the various “things” from that sewing excursion, wondering what to sew for the next Autumn 2011 6 PAC garment.  I had the jacket picked out, but I know from experience that the jacket needs to harmonize with the tops.  Said tops had not been completed or evenly firmly decided up.  Seemed to me that starting the jacket could back fire on me.  So I pulled out my Pattern Binders (large binders which contain photos of the back and front of my pattern envelopes) and started looking at tops.  My fabric are both knits and woven; sheers and opaques; i.e. my fabrics have a range of characteristics so that I am free to choose patterns which inspire me.

I really do love Fabric #5

It’s a 100% cotton purchased more than a year ago from Hancock Fabric in Rapid City South Dakota. The light orange, cream and russet colors arranged in the stylized design just “spoke” to me.  I like the hand of the fabric.  I knew I didn’t want to quilt with this fabric so I purchased 2 yards; took it home, laundered; carefully pressed, folded and store away.  Now looking at it I knew I wanted an camp shirt for this autumn.


This fabric just says “easy to wear, comfortable, casual (but still nice looking) shirt” to me.  I searched through my pattern but couldn’t find a woman’s shirt that took less than 2-1/4 yards of 45″ wide woven fabric. Finally, I found New Look 6808 View A requiring only 1-3/4 yards.  With it’s 3/4 sleeves and faux-cuffs, it said autumn top to me:


I retrieved the pieces for View A from the enveloped, trimmed carefully, pinned together and tried on Mimie.  It needed only my standard narrow shoulder and back-waist length adjustments.  So then I took my fabric off the hanger, carefully pressed (but smoothing out all wrinkles and fold lines) and measured. Yes it was 45″ wide BUT it is 2.5 yards long. Whoops…………….back to plan A i.e. camp shirt for autumn.


I haven’t used any of Louise Cuttings camp shirt patterns.  I’d heard some good things about the EAC shirt pattern but CLD patterns are either overwhelming winners or total disasters on me.  I really felt this was the time to try the Camp Shirt from the Easy Ageless Cool Pattern 12269.



As with the New Look pattern, I retrieved the correct pieces, trimmed and pinned together to try on Mimie.  Reading the back of the envelope, I thought I would need a Medium.  But when I tried the tissue on Mimie, it was obvious that a Small was the correct size.  I thought, wryly, only Louise would put me in a “small” pattern size.  I don’t get upset.  I know that as a RTW size 14, I’m generally a large or extra large in clothing, size 14 or 16 in patterns.  It’s OK.  Size is just a number and BTW it’s such a smaller number than what I was assigned 5 years ago.  I think it’s funny to go to a store and hear someone complain about being a “medium” (which in their opinion is erroneously sized far too large for their figure) whilst I on the other side of the rack, am delighted to find myself fitting into such a small size i.e. my Extra Large.


I trimmed to the tissue to “Small” and proceeded to cut and sew the the garment together.  I must RAVE about the collar.  Louise’s method create a one piece collar, which folds wonderfully and eliminates bulk in the collar corners and sides; and at the same times requires no more fabric than you would use for a regular 2-piece collar.  If you haven’t tried this pattern before, I urge you to purchase and try it out for the collar information alone.


I decided to lengthen the sleeves by 6″ and add a faux cuff. (I think NL6808 influenced my decision on that); and I missed the hem instructions.  I think by the time I get to Louise’s hemming instructions my ADD kicks in and I miss this important information.  For the most part, I ADORE Louise’s instructions which produce a professional garment with minimal sewing.  My sewing was done over 2 days and I think about 6 hours (I think I’ve admitted before that I would be fired if I was in a sweat shops.)  I wasn’t surprised by the time needed to sew my shirt.  What surprised me was how much better this camp shirt looked on me than it did on Mimie.  I’m so pleased.

I’m looking upwards, which seems to affect the evenness of the hem in the side view.  The hem is even IRL.


It should be pretty obvious that in the next shot, I pulled the hem down into place on one side but didn’t get the other side (my bad).



I’m just really pleased with how this shirt fits,(not withstanding my photography). This is a great womans shirt!  Really, Really GREAT!


Oh and that makes Garment #4, Top #2 complete for my Autumn 2011 6PAC


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