CLD Pattern #22044

Another pattern that I’ve had in my stash for a short period of time and really should have sewn much much sooner.  As usual Louise’s patterns are perfectly drafted and come together beautifully.  I made View A but shortened it mostly to fit the 1.5 yards of fabric that I wanted to use.


I also used a 3/4 sleeve length.  This has turned into my favorite sleeve length. I wear it through 2 full seasons, Fall and Spring.  I wear the 3/4 though all but the coldest of winter weather. (Sometimes I get too cold.  I need to cover everything up, all the way.)  I also wear this length during parts of Summer.   So unlike other sleeve lengths, I wear the 3/4 length year round.  It’s also a little saving on fabric.  When I’m running short, one of the first things I think of is “Could I use the 3/4 sleeve?”  I also think this length is very attractive. A long sleeve tends to fall even with my widest hip which of course makes the hip visually wider. The 3/4 sleeve falls just above and is so much more flattering. And last, I don’t seem to have a problem getting a 3/4 sleeve caught in doors, drawers or machines. Yep 3/4 sleeve is a winner for me.


My fabric is the sister piece to the one I used in CLD’s Ebb blouse.  So it’s a high quality and expensive blouse fabric even if it is 100% polyester.  I worked out all the sewing issues on the previous blouse.  All I had to do was test the 4 seams and then stitch everything together. Oh and it really was that simple.  Other than carefully reading the hem and vent instructions it was a breeze.  Since I was top stitching a lot, I did mark the stitching lines for the vent and hem.  I wanted to be sure those corners were crisply turned.  I fused 1/2″ strips of interfacing to the back shoulders; and where Louise recommended 4-5″ strips of SAS (Steam-A-Seam), I SAS’d the whole edge.  I did not want those edges slipping out of place, in the very least. PERIOD.


The result is a fabulous blouse.


I used a size medium and other than the length made no alterations.  I was concerned that the shoulders might be too long – the tissue looked a little long when pinned to Mimie (my dress form).  IRL, they could be narrowed a little no more than 1/2″.  But there is more than enough ease  to suit me.

The neckline feels a little too wide for me.  I’m not sure that I’ll alter the pattern any, but I do have plans to add lingerie guards to at least the first version.


And you get pictures of Mimie’s back because I’m still working out how to make the new camera do what I want it to.


All in all, this pattern joins my TNT’s especially since it comes with 4 nice tweaks right in the envelope. I haven’t tried it, but the neckline on this blouse and the MHAF are supposed to be designed for wearing together.  What I do know, is that this is another winning design from Louise Cutting and I should have tried it out months ago.


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